In 1916, an elephant in the United States was sentenced to death by the court. What crime did it commit?

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I agree that animals have rights, just as human beings have human rights, which is the way to expand the human heart.– Abraham Lincoln, American president With the increasing improvement of people’s economic level, people pay more and more attention to the entertainment outside work, so pets gradually enter the ordinary family, become a part of people’s life.However, as American President Lincoln said, any animal has its rights. If humans use breeding as capital to trample on animals, then human nature and morality will only be reduced to utter hypocrisy.In 1916, Mary, a docile and intelligent elephant in the United States, was sentenced to be hanged by the court because of her owner’s repeated atrocities. She accidentally killed her owner in a revolt, and was finally hanged by a crane.The root cause of this tragedy is that humans do not have the same understanding of the rights of the trainer and Mary the elephant. In fact, every human being deserves to be respected, understood and treated well.One day in 1916, a remote town in the United States, ushered in a circus, which for the American residents who did not have much entertainment at that time, can be said to greatly enrich people’s entertainment life after work.The circus leader was a master of beasts and could tame elephants and lions easily.When he arrived in town, he often rode around on an elephant or a lion to advertise his circus business.Before this, the local people have never seen an elephant, such a huge beast appeared in front of everyone, the shock is huge, so in the face of the trainer’s deliberate wandering behavior, people are always amazed by it.At the beginning, people were always afraid and curious about Mary the elephant. In the face of the unknown, people were afraid, and secretly often speculated whether this giant would be irritable and explode to hurt people.However, along with a period of time, the townspeople find that Mary the elephant is not feared, on the contrary, he is gentle and charming.In the face of everyone’s frolics, he always played along, so everyone wanted to get close to Mary.As the days progressed, the circus’s superb circus performances won more and more recognition from the local residents, who began to become dissatisfied with the show and tried to see Mary the Elephant perform.Although the animal trainer has superb skills in animal training, but grumpy, never patient with animals, also not good at giving guidance, slowly guide.Violence seems to be synonymous with him, while movement beats Mary the elephant with an iron rod, and poor Mary is forced to submit by pain tolerance and follow instructions for movement and interaction.If you resist, you will only be punished more severely, and you will be tortured more severely.The seasons change, summer comes, the town hot weather.At this time of year, many residents choose to drink from the river, and animal trainers are no exception.One day he took Mary the elephant slowly to the river to drink water and cool off. Because there were so many people, the trainer became very ostentative.He mounted Mary the elephant, shouted for the crowd to gather around, and then, commanding Mary, tried to get him to wade across the lake with him.However, the thirsty Mary did not allow him to take her across the river, but because of lack of water, drinking alone.The move was clearly unexpected and embarrassing for the trainer.So the enraged trainer, in order to save his dignity, immediately picked up a long stick and poked it into the elephant’s trunk.Such a grotesque and cruel act, no doubt angered Mary the tame elephant, Mary took the opportunity to lift the trainer’s back, accidentally trampled to death.The trainer’s death was particularly brutal and shocked local residents.When the trainer’s family heard the tragic news, they immediately appealed to a local court to have Mary put to death.Although the cause of the death of the trainer was that the trainer took the initiative to provoke the elephant, which led to Mary’s violent behavior, but the court still decided to sentence the elephant Mary to death.So in the end the poor elephant was condemned to be executed at once, one life at a time, to put an end to the death of his trainer.However, because Mary’s skin and fat layer are relatively thick, the bullet penetration is far from enough to reach the point of death, so after deliberation, the local court decided to hang the elephant by a crane weighing 100 tons.Using a 100-ton lifting machine, Mary was first draped with chains to prevent her from breaking free.When Mary the elephant was hoisted into the air, the fragile chain could not bear the weight of Mary the elephant and broke apart.Mary fell heavily to the ground with multiple fractures and severe injuries.Unable to resist, Mary, the elephant, lay alone on the ground groaning in pain, her dark eyes full of tears, bitter despair and helplessness.However, this did not stop the execution, and then they tied her up again. After more than an hour of torture, Mary ended her life of bondage, neither freedom nor injustice.Before we know anything about Mary the Elephant’s short and tormented life, we must conclude that Mary the Elephant was hanged by a crane only because she had killed a human being, and that as a principle of one life for one life, it was quite just and legal.On the contrary, after a thorough interpretation of Mary the elephant and an analysis of her life, we will find that the root cause of the tragedy that resulted in the death of the animal trainer and the execution of Mary the elephant was hanged is actually due to the blind ignorance of human arrogance to show off, and the mean and cruel nature of the evil face.From entering the town every day riding an elephant and lion to publicity, to a word, he would beat and scold the elephant Mary with an iron rod, only to let him obey orders, and then to the long-term oppression after unbearable torture resistance trainer died.Mary the elephant and the trainer did not have to accept this tragic fate. We just need humans to show more respect and tolerance to other animals and give them the reasonable rights they deserve.Do not think the United States President Abraham Lincoln referred to equal rights, very far away from us, in fact as long as you are willing to bend, look at the animals, animals should enjoy equal rights, so the human and the nature harmonious get along, will not only exists in fairy tale books, beauty of human nature, can also be simple embodied in life.