The combination of double “city” | window of the world will be built in shaanxi yangling agriculture

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At one end is oct, China’s first large-scale cultural enterprise with the background of a central enterprise;At one end is yangling Demonstration Zone, the country’s first agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone.When oct, the most influential cultural and tourism enterprise, joins forces with Yangling Rural High District, what development potential will be released, which makes more than 200,000 Yangling people full of expectations.On February 17th this year, Liu Fengxi, deputy Secretary of CPC committee and General Manager of OCT Group, visited Yangling, which made the “agricultural science city” still shrouded in the Atmosphere of the New Year and blew the wind of “OCT” again.The construction will be started in March this year, and the park will be basically completed and put into trial operation in March next year. The park is scheduled to open on May 1 next year. This timetable from the start to the opening of the park seems to reassure the Yangling people who have been expecting oct for a long time.On September 16, two years ago, Yangling Demonstration Zone and OCT Group Co., Ltd. signed an inspection and strategic cooperation framework agreement, marking that OCT Group will open a new chapter in the development of yangling Demonstration Zone, “Agricultural Silicon Valley”.During the 27th Yangling Agricultural And High Level Meeting, OCT Group signed an official contract with the happy pastoral project that Yangling Demonstration Zone strives to build.After more than a year of preparation, Yangling Happy pastoral project ushered in a new stage of development.As an important cultural tourism project created by OCT in the agricultural science city, Yangling Happy Countryside project will integrate pastoral leisure vacation, pastoral sightseeing tourism, pastoral outdoor sports, pastoral science education and other themes, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan and an area of 1390 mu.At the same time, the project will also focus on the in-depth excavation of yangling farming history and cultural resources, and the organic integration of Yangling “agriculture”, “high” and “science” elements with the project construction, including the construction of pastoral pet interaction area, unmotivated parent-child park, dynamic water playing area, pastoral impression performing area, pastoral adventure area, pastoral wild camping area and other agricultural, cultural and tourism integration projects.Yangling will become the “window of world agriculture” integrating science and technology agriculture, creative agriculture and ecological agriculture, and build a national demonstration model of “agriculture + science and technology + finance + cultural tourism + urbanization”.The completion and operation of the project is of great significance for Yangling to improve its urban functions, improve its livable index, lead the upgrading of consumption, and promote the high-quality integrated development of “agriculture + culture + tourism”.As the leader of China’s cultural industry, the model of China’s all-inclusive tourism and the leader of China’s new urbanization, OCT Group has been wearing various auras after 30 years of development since its establishment in 1985:Responsible central enterprises, hundreds of billions of central enterprises, its 6 listed companies national cultural enterprises top 30, China tourism Group top 20, global theme park group top 4, 2019 Chinese characteristics of the town operator comprehensive strength, cultural tourism town operator list single and double top……In addition, the happy Countryside Project will be settled in Yangling Agricultural Science Town, which will greatly extend the “creative” gene of OCT And recreate the pastoral “carefree” life of OCT West Group, marking the addition of a new agricultural sector to the business format of OCT West Group.The combination of the two “cities” will certainly help to promote the integrated growth of culture and tourism in western China and make agriculture blossom more splendour.Agricultural Science and Technology News – China agricultural news reporter Wang Chaoyang