Xiannushan Street was officially awarded as “the first national key rural tourism town (township)”

2022-04-25 0 By

On March 11, the press conference on 2022 Chongqing rural leisure tourism boutique routes was held in Tongnan.The meeting released the first batch of national rural tourism key town (township) and the third batch of national rural tourism key village list, Xiannushan Street as chongqing elected one of the representatives, was invited to attend the meeting and honored to accept the “national rural tourism key town (township)” award.It is understood that the selection activity, by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly carried out the selection of the national rural tourism key towns and villages recommended work, after strict selection, finally selected in the first batch of 100 national rural tourism key towns (townships) list, Chongqing, a total of 3 towns and streets selected,They are Xiannushan Street in Wulong District, Tuqiao town in Tongliang District and Zhushan Town in Liangping District.In recent years, relying on the unique tourism resources, fairy hill street around to build the national first-class, internationally renowned leisure tourism destination goal, to fully implement the new concept of development, has won the China is the most beautiful villages, national key town, the town tourism landscape with Chinese characteristics, the national characteristic of small towns, honorary titles such as national hygiene,To become a world natural heritage, national 5A tourist scenic spot, national tourist resort three golden signs area.The achievements are hard-won. In accordance with the overall planning of rural tourism development, Xiannushan Street promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional agriculture such as flue-cured tobacco, develops and expands leisure agricultural parks such as “Dream Garden”, creates a “Guyuan Town” pastoral complex and high-end b&B experience place, introduces projects such as health care and education, and enrichis the business forms of the resort.The establishment of gaoshanshui Fruit research station, the use of new media to help agricultural products.Based on local culture, research and development of cultural and creative products, retain different homesickness;To ensure the linkage of industry, education and research, launch rural research trips to enrich tourism formats;Featuring holiday culture, “Fairy fruit Season”, “Pig Festival”, “Beer Festival”, “music festival”…A comprehensive display of important landmarks and high-quality holiday life in Xiannu Mountain.Efforts will be made to build demonstration streets for nationwide tourism, so that tourists at scenic spots can stay, tourists on vacation can go abroad, and local residents can become rich.By 2021, there are 1,292 operating entities engaged in rural tourism in the whole street, including 867 characteristic farmhouses, 30 picking farmhouses, 526 rural seasonal rental reception households, and more than 20 star hotels. The tourism reception capacity reaches 25,000 person-times per day, and more than 7,000 people directly or indirectly engaged in the tourism service industry.More than 670 households were relocated to new settlement areas.The next step, Xiannushan street will try its best to plan to build a good research, sports, art, health, love and marriage, service six industrial chains.We will continue to provide tourists with diversified, differentiated, personalized and high-quality tourism products to better meet the needs of tourists and friends for high-quality tourism and vacation, and contribute to the construction of a world-renowned tourist destination and world-class scenic spots and resorts.