Shiniujiang Town: 20 floating party members who returned to their hometowns during the Spring Festival will organize their meetings

2022-04-26 0 By

Yiyang Daily · Dayyiyang client news (correspondent Li Xinwen) On the morning of January 31, Taojiang County, Shiniujiang Town Zengtang village, a political spirit of the “dust removal” is in full swing – 20 Spring Festival returned floating party members in the village branch under the leadership of the organization of life, the scene is serious and lively.Gong Yong, a floating party member, made a sincere comment: “I have a lot of mobility and I am busy with work, which leads to less participation in party organizations.I will resolutely correct the New Year, take the initiative to contact with the village, report the ideological dynamics, take time to come back to participate in the Party day activities;At the same time, actively integrate into the life of the party organization in the workplace, participate in local volunteer activities, so that the party emblem shines in the volunteer service.”Gong Yong’s speech is the voice of the party members attending the meeting.Everyone enthusiastically spoke up: “I suggest the village to have a video conference, so that we can also participate in the village organization life outside on time.””I am in Changsha and will come back to volunteer on weekends when I am free.”We sincerely expressed: although not often in the village, but always close to the village heart, will be able to give advice for the development of the village, to provide help.After the meeting, everyone went to each group, to carry out the last volunteer service in the year of the Ox, stand the last shift.Thought “dust” farewell, service “red fire” Spring Festival.In recent days, under the leadership of the Shiniujiang Town Party Committee, villages and communities have actively held democratic meetings for floating Party members, organizing returned party members to participate in voluntary services such as environmental remediation, snow removal, epidemic prevention and control, and safety publicity.For migrant party members who have not returned to their hometown, the party branch contacted one to one to learn about the ideological and life dynamics of party members and sent New Year wishes.The floating party members truly felt the organization care, actively invested in the construction of their hometown.