There are also “sky-high drug” into the medical insurance, a needle dropped from 700,000 to 33,000!People please rest assured to see a doctor

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Introduction Starting from January 1, 2022, noxinacan sodium, a “sky-high drug” that costs 700,000 yuan per injection in people’s eyes, will be included in the medical insurance.This also shows, let us this kind of ordinary people see a new hope.Because it’s now down to 33,180 yuan per needle.Second by the medical insurance to take over, now the patient only need to pay about 10,000 yuan can be treated, now, the country to this medicine into the people’s life-saving medicine.So we need to think from the patient’s point of view, there are multiple doses of Noxinacan, but there are several treatment stages.In the first stage to take 4 shots, the following treatment is 4 months once, the average work out only 2000 yuan per month, many people may not know, nosinasan sodium is used for which disease, the answer is SMA – muscular atrophy, this disease incidence in children is very high.Of course, from the other side of the treatment, of course, there is not only this drug, there is a specific drug, but it has not been included in the medical insurance, and it is useful as SMA drugs in Our country, this is more expensive than before, called “the history of the most expensive drug”.What is it?And landed in China, so how much does it cost?Now the NATIONAL Food and Drug Administration says there is an injection version of OAV101, which has been submitted to the national clinical trial application, and has been approved.This also shows that, if this drug is successfully developed, it will soon be introduced to the society, now there are many people compare the two drugs, they may not know, after comparison, this drug needs 13.48 million yuan a needle.Want to know, this kind of price for the common people, is to dare not think.Even if their selling borrow money around, it wouldn’t raise so much money, because of that, merchants say that it is not expensive, but it does it have an advantage, is that it is need a shot can be recovered, and relative to the SMA this blockbuster drugs is the need for injection, or is in use are different.So will this 13.48 million yuan drug also be included in the medical insurance coverage?Is it also the same as Noxinasuan sodium, the same can become our common people with affordable medicine?Up to now, in some developed countries, this expensive injection has been gradually released in more than 40 countries, in developed countries, they are also to reduce the cost of the drug, but also included in the medical insurance.For example, in Japan, after the drug is included in the medical insurance, they only take up two thirds of the cost of medicine, which greatly reduces their economic pressure.Will this drug be covered by health insurance in the future?After the discussion with the enterprise again, will let its price be greatly reduced?Just like the drug Nosinasan sodium plummeting to 9,000 yuan, many pedestrians said that this is very rare, this matter is also considered a few individual behavior in China.Now, the global rare cases have now reached more than 7000 cases, and medical insurance can not cover the cost of drugs, but in the treatment of the disease is very expensive.Therefore, the price of OAV101 should be reasonable, otherwise it is difficult to enter the medical insurance.Its price of more than 13 million yuan, even through discussion, will not be reduced to tens of thousands of yuan a needle.Even if reduced to more than two thirds, the price of more than one million, but also let us this ordinary people look and stop.So, how many people can afford this medicine in our country?This is also a conundrum.Why on earth is its quality so expensive?In fact, it’s similar to what we know about ALS. It’s a genetic change in the body that leads to changes in the neurons in the front of the spinal cord. The main symptom of the disease is that it doesn’t act like a normal person, but can only act autonomously after taking drugs.Because it’s genetically related to other diseases, you have to give it that way, and if you give it to a two-year-old it’s going to be cured.In addition, it is such a rare drug that its success rate is very low in the process of production, and it still needs to be put on the market. Such a series of steps, including staff, r&d costs and various aspects, are also a huge amount of capital investment.What’s more, SMA is also rarely seen, so the drug is developed for a small percentage of the population, so if it’s not expensive, the drug industry doesn’t have the money to continue the development of the drug, so the drug for this disease is naturally seen as expensive.Conclusion But now the country is developing with each passing day, in the future more and more expensive drugs will be included in the scope of medical insurance subsidies, people can rest assured to see a doctor, but also to use the so-called “sky-high drugs”, this is the significance of national development.Hot discussion today: there is another “sky-high price medicine” included in the medical insurance, one injection of 700,000 reduced to 33,000!People please rest assured to see a doctor