It’s the end of the year. Don’t be too generous

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01 One day, one year, three hundred and sixty-five days, the old year in the passage of time slowly passed.As the New Year approaches, everyone has a gleam of joy in their hearts.Say New Year new atmosphere, every New Year, every family must put on a full table banquet.Waiting for waves of friends and relatives to visit, share a drink, chat a few words, relieve the fatigue of the whole year.The New Year should be a time for everyone to be happy.But it happened that in such a beautiful festival, someone secretly hide in laughter after embarrassed themselves.I don’t know if it is affected by the year-end bonus, in recent years, people are more and more generous;Be generous, as if to do otherwise would make people feel shabby.Of course, the holiday is a festival, there is nothing wrong with showing your generosity to friends and family;But if this generosity makes you feel awkward, you miss the purpose of the holiday.It’s the end of the year. Be nice to yourself. Don’t be so generous.Be your own hero, don’t need to care about the eyes of others.Everyone plays a leading role in their own drama.You are unique and irreplaceable on this stage.Leading roles require people to have the courage to care about others.Obviously has been out of their range, but also pretend to be generous, is too concerned about the eyes of others.If you are not so generous you will be judged by others.So I have to force myself to be “generous” and give what I love to others.A lot of times, people call the children of their relatives’ children.They destroy someone’s favorite doll or something they love regardless.As a little older, can only reluctantly give up, give up their beloved things out.In fact, it’s forcing yourself to be generous, forcing yourself to give up what you like.Because if you don’t do this, people will think you are too ignorant and will be haggling with children.But everyone has something they love, and no age should be a reason to be generous.Old people like to use “big New Year’s day” to cover up all the unhappy things.It would be a mistake to think that a few words can erase what you have lost in this process.This disguise out of the generous, the last love or their own.Who is the protagonist of their own life, there is no need to compromise, generous is their choice, but not their obligation.So don’t be generous because you care too much about what others are looking at.Since the end of the year to be happy, it is better to make yourself happy.Be generous where you should be generous, and stingy where you should be stingy.Real generosity, from the heart of deep spontaneous care, unfettered.Rather than embarrass yourself, to create a beautiful image.Hurry a year, everyone is not easy, living beings, who is not in a few pieces of silver hard struggle.Big or small, should have their own principles, do not go with the flow.You cannot be generous to others until you have been generous to yourself first.After all, life is a personal practice, how much generosity to others is to show others.I know well in my heart whether I live well or not. It is enough to be generous where I should be generous and mean where I should be mean.At the end of the year, people rush to buy lunar New Year goods. It seems that only if they are expensive enough can they show the importance of their loved ones in their hearts.However, relatives just want to unite, if the loss of one, but in vain to add trouble, embarrass themselves.The end of the year is not only the end of the old year, but also the beginning of a new one.The New Year is just beginning. Be nice to yourself and don’t be so generous.Say goodbye to unnecessary generosity and be happy with yourself. This is enough life.”Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in the old character”, at the end of the year, a New Year is about to start again.There is no need to tangle with the red envelope to the children, whether it is less so that he lost face;There is no need to tangle, their New Year’s goods have shown their own excellent.Your loved ones will never haggle over these things, and coming home for a reunion is the best ending of this year’s hard work.It’s the end of the year. Don’t be so generous.