Joel left home in 2011 at the age of 17 to pursue his dream in the United States, signing a $364 million contract in seven years

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Joel, who was born in yaounde, Cameroon in 1994, played soccer and volleyball until he was 16 years old. In 2010, Joel went to a basketball camp, where he met Bamot, an NBA player from Cameroon.During his NBA career, Mbah a moute played for the Bucks, Kings, Timberwolves, Sixers, Clippers and Rockets.After the end of training camp, Joel decided to play basketball sports, and intend to travel to the United States to exercise their basketball skills, don’t know what happened during training camp, but the experience must let Joel found a goal in life, also found out the most suitable for their own path, but also know, Joel want dream closer step, only to the United States.In 2011, at the age of 17, Joel moved to high school in Florida.The photos show Joel arriving in the US as a skinny African runner, but three years of hard work have transformed him into a bruiser, with chiseled muscles.Joel Embiid is one of the league’s top centers now playing for the 76ers.Than three years, grace’s training very hard, in the team after the training will also go to the gym to practice by oneself, is called a hard, a harvest, graduated from high school, Joel height 210 cm, weight 104 kilograms, this year, he received a full scholarship and three university basketball team invitation, in the end, Joel chose the university of Kansas.Joel was on track to be the no. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft, but prior to the draft, Joel underwent surgery for a stress fracture in his right foot that was expected to take 4-6 months to recover, resulting in a drop in the draft draft and a third-overall pick in the first round.To get into the palace of the world’s top basketball NBA, than the first dream come true, at this time, well than DE showed their “funny than” side, he first on twitter solicit lebron James, rejected just after the “little emperors” screen, then flirt socialite gold – Kim kardashian and famous singer rihanna.But don’t let that fool you. Embiid is quietly working hard to achieve his next goal.What’s next?There is no doubt that is the NBA championship, Philadelphia to win the championship, these years also paid a huge effort, has gotten Harris, Butler, Horford and other stars, of course, at this time can not forget the sixers also got the two no. 1 pick Simmons and Fultz.It’s all about building a team around Embiid to compete for a championship. The Sixers’ roster has certainly been strong these past few seasons, but they’ve been unlucky enough to get out of the Eastern Conference.Embiid’s partners have changed one after another. Butler left, Horford left, Fultz left. This season, Simmons was also sent away, Embiid welcomed the league’s top star Harden, the 76ers can fulfill their wish?Can Embiid fulfill his ultimate dream?Could Enha become the most dominant group since OK?Let’s see!Joel Embiid signed a four-year, $19.98 million rookie contract with the 76ers in 2014, and a five-year, $148 million Max extension in 2017 through 2021.Embiid and the Sixers agreed to a four-year, $196 million early extension.During his seven years in the NBA, Embiid signed a total contract worth $364 million.This season, plus the next two seasons, grace than DE and harden this union can supplement each other play a proper level, is one of the biggest contender in 76, this is no doubt about it, and for well than Germany, there is also a small goal this season, that is to win MVP last season due to injury, than miss the award,Embiid isn’t going to let that award slip away this season, is he?