Official: There is no plan to demolish and renovate the living quarters of Taiyuan Airport

2022-04-27 0 By

Recently, the mayor’s message board has replied to the relevant questions about the demolition and renovation of taiyuan Airport living area put forward by netizens. The specific information is as follows: Netizens ask: Taiyuan Airport living area is an old residential area, most of which are 20 years old staircases.Official reply: after verification by xiaodian district government, taiyuan Airport living area has no demolition plan temporarily.As for the old building renovation and installation of elevators, the residents of this unit should reach a unified opinion through consultation before implementation.The staff has explained the relevant situation to you.Poly times in the sale area of about 100~125 square meters, the price of about 8500 yuan/square meters.This building is located in taiyuan city knick-knacks Fen east west street and zhenwu road interchange, developers for taiyuan poly real estate development co., LTD., the total planned number of 3106, the total number of planning and building of 16 buildings, 35% green area, plot ratio 3.76, property company for poly real estate development co., LTD. Taiyuan branch, parking ratio of 1:1. 1,The number of parking Spaces 3449, the final delivery of the room to rough delivery.Zhonghai Huanyu times main push building area of about 85~140 square meters, the price of about 11,000 yuan/square meters.The real estate is located in the east of the intersection of Dachang Road and Wuluo Street. The developer is Taiyuan Zhonghai Kaiyuan Real Estate Development Co., LTD. The total number of planned households is 2000, the total number of planned buildings is 60, the greening rate is 36%, the number of parking Spaces is 1600, and the final delivery is to decorate.Taiyuan Baoneng City for sale construction area of about 91~143 square meters, the price of about 8500 yuan/square meters.The building is located in the street, south to the north to the chapter Fen east street, west to the east of binhe road, east to zhenwu, developers to major real estate co., LTD., taiyuan treasure always planned number of 1048, the total number of planning and building of 14 buildings, volume rate is 2.6, property company for the auspicious property, parking ratio of 1:1, parking for 2358, when making a room with blank delivery finally.       The average price of blank is 8800 yuan /㎡, the average price of hardcover is 9980 yuan /㎡, the main push is 88-144㎡, supporting one-time and mortgage payment, the developer guarantees provident fund loans.The project is signed with Zhongzheng Tianjie Commercial Street and Beijing Jingshi Kindergarten and Qingnian Road Primary School.Poly Longyue in the sale of 100-142 square meters of three bedrooms, the average price of 9,858 yuan/square meters, are high-rise housing, expected to December 30, 2024, 4# delivery.The project comes with 7,000 square meters of business;Fendong Innovation City in the west of the project;Evergrande Commercial Facilities in the south of the project.The project is located at 500 meters east of the interchange of Wu Cheng South Road and Hua Zhang Street in xiaodian District.Article source: Leju house quality content recommended good living | Taiyuan Baoli Xihu Linyu 68 109㎡ comfort three house only 11500 yuan /㎡ to buy a house story!Home home home dream north drift long way home!Yuci Monthly Report | housing supply and demand market declined significantly, regional cycle is not optimistic