Be bred by nature “snow ruyi” (Winter Olympics have me)

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Since the opening of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, the National Ski jumping Center “Xueruyi” has witnessed the wonderful performances of ski jumppers and Nordic combined athletes.”Xueruyi”, which combines Chinese elements with natural and cultural features, has received many favorable comments.When we got the s-shaped curve scheme of ski jumping track, we found that the shape of “S” was very compatible with the shape of Ruyi, a traditional Chinese auspicious ornament, and the idea of “Xue Ruyi” was born from this.The s-shaped profile of the ski jumping course perfectly combines with the circular public space at the top and the circular stadium at the bottom. The shape of Ruyi is not only three-dimensional, dynamic, but also highlights Chinese elements.At the beginning of the design, the left and right sides of Ruyi were symmetrical, but in the actual mountain measurement process, the designers found that the edge of Ruyi, namely, the north and south sides of the track were in different areas, affected by the trend of the mountain, the north and south wind direction is different, combined with the wind made of “Ruyi” into an asymmetrical shape.To this end, under the leadership of Zhang Li, dean of the School of Architecture at Tsinghua University, the designers, after many discussions and studies, agreed that there was no need to blindly pursue symmetry, should respect the natural form of the location.Respect for nature, but also for “snow ruyi” brought some new ideas.”Snow ruyi” is conceived by nature.The venue is built according to the mountain, and the base of the platform is raised above the valley floor according to the original terrain of the valley, which not only meets the construction standards of the track, but also protects the surface runoff and vegetation, so as to reduce the impact on the ecological environment.At the same time, Zhangjiakou area has abundant wind power resources, which can meet the electricity demand of the stadium.Xuesruyi is made of artificial snow, but the raw materials are also from nature.Near the ancient Poplar Pavilion complex, we planned a reservoir with a capacity of 200,000 cubic meters. Through the site drainage system, snow melt water in spring and site rainwater in summer and autumn will be collected into the reservoir.The water in the pool can not only meet the needs of snow making in winter, but also can be used for daily water use in and around the stadium through the purification system.The birth of “Snow ruyi” is inseparable from the concept of sustainability.”Xueruyi” adopts the modular, unitized and prefabricated construction concept, and 90% of the building materials are assembled independently.In the later period, whether overall transformation or local adjustment is needed, a single module unit can be taken down and reused.The use of reusable and re-constructed assembly materials not only reduces carbon emissions, but also achieves the sustainable use of buildings.(The author is Zhang Mingqi, director of Jianmeng Studio of Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University and the principal of architecture of “Xueruyi” design team, interviewed by Tao Xiangan, reporter of People’s Daily.) People’s Daily (February 14, the 13th edition of 2022)