Changde public Security traffic police kicked off 2022 urban traffic order regulation prelude

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Detachment leader line supervisor.Remove the umbrella of electric vehicle.He wore no helmet.Watch out for drunk driving.Rednet Moment Changde, February 17 (Reporter Mou Jianping) On February 16, the Changde Public Security traffic police department kicked off the 2022 urban traffic order rectification, the first day of the city’s urban traffic police brigade investigated and dealt with motorcycle, electric car and other vehicle traffic violations more than 400 cases.It is reported that in order to further optimize the urban traffic environment, from February 16 to the end of December, Changde public security traffic police department deployed to carry out urban traffic order rectification action, focusing on motorcycles, electric vehicles and other vehicles,Focus on drinking and driving, illegally adding umbrellas, running red lights, not wearing safety helmets, no license and no license, as well as two – and three-wheel motorcycles, electric vehicles and illegal people and other traffic violations to carry out round-the-clock, all-round rectification.Action, the city urban area each brigade police force by controlling the focus and daily regulation, regulation during the day and night to hunt down the service mode of combining focus on motorcycles, electric cars often centralized bus station, railway station, business circle, bazaar, communities, schools and hospitals and other key sections, as well as the city’s main road in the morning and evening rush hour, people focus on the focus of the travel time,We will intensify investigation and punishment, strengthen road section control and mobile patrol.Police on duty for illegal electric motorcycle, take “punishment and education” mode of law enforcement, both eliminate the illegal act, and reinforcement learning education, and focus on learning at all control points set in education area, broadcast warning, put display boards, direct driving personnel online learning knowledge of traffic rules, obey the traffic rules awareness.Changde public security traffic police department head said that this year, the city urban traffic order rectification action, momentum, strength, long time, all police auxiliary police, fulfill their duties and responsibilities, strict law enforcement, rational law enforcement, standardized law enforcement, civilized law enforcement.Detachment leaders go into the front line irregularly to strengthen daily supervision and inspection to ensure effective rectification.Through 10 months of regular rectification, the safety helmet wearing rate of motorcycle and electric vehicle drivers and passengers will be further increased, the illegal rate will be reduced, and the traffic accidents involving motor vehicles and electricity will be reduced.