Little Ann studies history

2022-04-28 0 By

Why a history series?Because you like history?It isn’t.On the contrary, I was a science student, standard history illiterate and knew almost nothing about history.I can’t even tell sui dynasty and Ming Dynasty which came first and which came later…What made me decide to study history?Half a year ago, we a group of people to climb tiantai Mountain, along the way, they are talking about emperor Yangdi and the Grand Canal, talk about Tiantai Zong and Guoqing Temple, chat xu Xiake ancient road, we listen to the clouds in the fog, completely do not interrupt words, can only smile.I can’t. I’m going home to catch up on history.Not to find the truth of history, just to straighten out the order of dynasties, learn some relevant cultural allusions.That’s enough.Coincidentally, when I collect learning materials, I accidentally found a summary of a history master, he listed 40 historical figures, end to end just from the Qin Dynasty to the New China, around 2,000 years, I such as treasure, as if accidentally caught a glimpse of the “Sunflower treasure Book” catalog, then I will practice according to this catalog.More haste, less speed. I learn one lesson a week.My goal in writing this series is to write that everything is fresh, freshly learned and freshly processed.So who is the right person to read my history series?People like me, who know little about history, can get a general idea of the framework of history through my “Xiao an Xue History” series, just like reading a picture book.