Convenient for travelers, hot water heating is free 24 hours a day

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Changjiang daily big client in wuhan on January 29 (reporter wang qian correspondent Shi Wei Mr James tien pei-chun) near the Spring Festival, wuhan railway station traffic rising day by day, more “nocturnal high-speed rail”, wuhan station dispatching and sleet freezing weather, for the convenience of passenger travel, wuhan station station coordinate same unit set up the stranded passengers, temporary break point.Convenient service center in Wuhan Station East Square.In the morning of January 29, the reporter came to Wuhan station east square, here on both sides of the two convenience service center as one of the temporary rest points, operating convenience stores and snack shops, put seven or eight tables and chairs, many passengers are sitting to rest.”Since wuhan station opened the night high-speed train on The 23rd, we are open 24 hours a day, with air conditioning and free hot water, so that passengers who come to rest have a warm place to go.”Liu Fang, a convenience store clerk, said that when I came to the store this morning, every table was full, and all kinds of food in the store were timely supplemented for tourists to choose from.Rest point at the Convenience Service Center.The Smart Travel Center of Yangchunhu Passenger Station on the East Square is also a rest point. It is a waiting area for online ride-hailing. The reporter saw sofa seats and heating inside.”The waiting conditions here are not bad.”A passenger surnamed Chen is waiting for a taxi to take him to Tianhe Airport. He helps himself to a cup of hot water from a hot kettle. It is warm to not have to wait outside on a cold day.Temporary resting place.Yang Chunhu station intelligent travel center staff Han Xiurong said, in addition to open during the day, here at night also left the staff contact information, if the side of the convenience service center is not enough, the station office will contact open here.Xu Minghua, deputy chief of the wuhan Station district Office of comprehensive law enforcement brigade, told reporters that passengers at the station are normally waiting for trains during the day, and passengers arriving by “night high-speed rail” will need more temporary rest spots.Station boot identifier.”For passengers arriving in the middle of the night, we have dedicated staff at each exit to guide passengers, those with transfer tickets to the waiting room of the station, and those who do not need to transfer to rest points or take taxis and overnight buses.”Xu minghua said that the station office will post the arrival time and passenger flow of the “night high-speed train” at the taxi waiting area every day, so that taxi drivers know in advance, to ensure that there are enough taxis when passengers arrive at the station at night.Wuhan station is in the entrance, exit, tunnel, bridge and other places laid anti-skid straw MATS and sacks, passengers on and off the bus must be spread in the area of antifreeze salt.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: