“Lost kids go Home early” went viral!Zhang yimou’s team says so

2022-04-30 0 By

Last night, the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing. A scene from the “Snowflake” link made netizens beat the guard on February 5, and “Lost children go home early” went viral.In the early morning of February 5, Xinhua News Agency published a report by Zhang’s team explaining the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, in which the “little pigeon left behind” appeared in a program titled “Shining Snowflake”.”I was a straggling pigeon,” said Xu Shuyuan, a student from The Experimental Primary School in Beijing’s Haidian District. “Then I found my sister in the crowd and she led me to the team.”The “little pigeon sister” who found her was Guo Yaqian from Zhongguancun No 2 Primary School in Beijing. “I always stayed at the end, waiting for the little pigeon. Then I went back to the group and didn’t find her.Tian Tian, director of the opening ceremony, said, “We hope to express the ethereal, romantic, modern and technological feeling through the performance of 660 children singing and dancing. So at the end of the whole design, it gathered into a heart shape.”Heart” is a warm expression, we designed the “big pull small”, a child, there is a little pigeon left behind, then out of the heart, a slightly older child, to pull her back, pull back to the heart of the team.We think it’s a very warm picture, very warm, very happy.”Netizens saw after expressing warm heart!Tears in your eyes…Hope the lost children come home soon!Source: XU Xiaoyang, editor of CCTV News, Xinhua News Agency, Shandong Business Daily, China news network