Saguo Junmin has sparked a wave of demand for pay.Wuhan players have followed up, reporters broke the football association arbitration useless

2022-04-30 0 By

Today, the biggest melon in Chinese football, undoubtedly Is Hao Junmin wuhan team to ask for salary.To express his love for football in his hometown, Hao joined Wuhan on a free transfer from Taishan in Shandong Province.The result?Half a year salary to now have no landing!Want to know, somebody else shandong Taishan but do not owe salary.Who is Hao Junmin doing this for?Unexpectedly, a stone set off thousands of waves.In addition to Hao Junmin, wuhan team other players have issued a document for salary.A cursory check shows that tian Yinong, Yang Boyu, Huang Zichang, Zhao Honglue and Ye Zhongqiu have joined the wage clamor.I believe there will be more players to join.And, quite possibly, that was the lead.Besides Taishan and harbour, which club in the super do not owe wages?Wuhan players’ bargaining behavior, it is likely to spread, bargaining tide from Wuhan to the whole Chinese Super League, and even the whole Chinese league a, B.This is the status quo of China’s third-tier league.What will the football association do if there is a massive wage fight?Reporter Pan Weili revealed that the FOOTBALL Association completed the arbitration last July and ordered Zhuoer to settle the unpaid wages of the players, but it has been more than half a year and still has not been carried out.It is well known that Zhou Tong asked for his salary.But unexpectedly, the football association arbitration half a year has passed, Zhou Tong still did not get wages.So, the arbitration of football association, did not become a paper.This is wuhan team too tough, or the football association too useless?Needless to say, everyone knows that.If, the football association of each arbitration, are useless, unpaid club should do what.In future, then, such backpay will go from being forced (no money) to intentional (no money).In this case, what ecology will Chinese football be?Also vigorously develop youth training, pull it off!What parent would dare to send their child to a job that doesn’t pay?Chinese football, will completely sink.Therefore, the most important thing for the Chinese Football Association now is not the U23 Asian Cup, Asian Cup, World Cup preliminary matches and so on, but to help the players to negotiate salary: playing football can not earn a cent, will the players continue to play, rather than online taxi hailing.Can a league be held without players?There is no league, what is the use of your football association?To help the players is to help the football Association itself.Chen Shuyuan should know this simple truth.