Shandong Province 2022 work Mobilization Conference held

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Shandong Province 2022 Work Mobilization Conference held innovation, Lead the way, Gather strength, Achieve new breakthroughs, Strive to create a new situation in the construction of a strong socialist modern province in the new era Li Ganjie speech, Zhou Aixiang presided over Ge Huijun Yang Dongqi attended the beginning of the New Year, spring is full of vigor and renewal.On the morning of February 7, the 2022 Work mobilization Meeting of Shandong Province was held in Jinan.Meeting to xi jinping, the new times the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth study and implement the party’s sixth plenary of the 19th and the central economic work conference spirit, earnestly implement the jinping general secretary in shandong job requires important instructions, sum up the past one year work, grand honor outstanding entrepreneur, mobilize the masses of the masses of party members and cadres, time and tide wait for no man, seize every minute,Keeping our mission firmly in mind and living up to our trust, we will continue to enhance innovation in economic and social development, unswervingly promote high-quality development, take the lead in innovation, strive to achieve new breakthroughs, and strive to open up a new situation in building a strong modern socialist province in the new era.Li Ganjie, Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhou Naixiang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee and Governor, presided over the meeting. Ge Huijun, Chairman of CPPCC Provincial Committee and Yang Dongqi, Deputy Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee attended the meeting.At the meeting, the “Decision of shandong Provincial Party Committee and Shandong Provincial People’s Government on Commendation of Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Shandong province” was read out, and three comrades, Zhang Ruimin, Tan Xuguang and Chen Xueli, were awarded the title of “Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Shandong Province” with first-class merit.Zhou Houjian and 20 other comrades were awarded the title of “Leading Entrepreneurs in Shandong Province” and awarded first-class merit.Li Guangqing and 49 other comrades were awarded the title of “Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Shandong Province”.Provincial leaders award prizes to commended entrepreneurs.In his speech, Li ganjie pointed out that the past year is a milestone in the history of our Party and country, and also a very important year for Shandong province.General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shandong again and delivered an important speech, providing us with a general follow, general positioning and general navigation beacon.The strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with comrade xi for the core, we keep in mind the general secretary of the ardent entrust, anchor “walk in the front row, comprehensive” “the three goeth before”, based on the firm pays special attention to both work deployment, focusing on “six” development ideas, method of “six pay more attention to” strategy, “twelve focus on” key task, the elevated pressure, difficult to overcome,Breakthroughs are being made in replacing old drivers of growth with new ones, the economy is developing steadily and improving its quality, social stability remains overall, people’s living standards continue to improve, and the 14th Five-Year Plan got off to a good start.Li Ganjie pointed out that at present, Shandong is in a critical period of economic and social development, facing both rare opportunities for development and many risks and challenges. The key is to put innovation at the core of overall development and continuously enhance innovation in economic and social development.To take the lead in enhancing innovation in economic and social development is the ardent expectation of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, a strong hand to achieve “progress while maintaining stability”, and an inevitable requirement for promoting high-quality development in Shandong.With strong innovation in economic and social development, service and integration into the new development pattern will have abundant impetus and vitality, and promote ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin will have a solid foundation and support.If we grasp the innovation of economic and social development, we will grasp the “bull nose” of the construction of a strong socialist modernization province in the new era.Li Ganjie stressed that to enhance the innovation of economic and social development, we must find a breakthrough point and breakthrough.Work will be smoother, more powerful, more organized and efficient if you think about it clearly.First, we will strengthen innovation and seek breakthroughs while consolidating and expanding comparative advantages.After years of continuous efforts, Shandong has formed quite prominent comparative advantages. We must recognize, consolidate and expand these advantages and strive to turn them into a winning trend for development.Second, we will strengthen innovation and seek breakthroughs while making up for weaknesses.Shandong’s comparative advantage is very obvious, but there are also many weaknesses.We must be sober-minded. We should neither be blindly optimistic or arrogant, nor should we belittle or undermine our confidence.Through innovation, we need to strengthen our weak links and strengthen areas of weakness so as to achieve higher-quality development.Third, we will strengthen innovation and seek breakthroughs while effectively stimulating the dynamism of society and the market.There are over 13 million market entities in Shandong. As long as we unleash the innovative vitality of society and the market as much as possible and as quickly as possible, we will surely form a boundless force of innovation-driven development.In our specific work, we need to focus on the right entry points and breakthrough points, thoroughly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, launch a number of innovative projects, introduce a number of innovative measures, carry out a number of innovative pilot projects, and create more pioneering development that gives full play to first-mover advantages.Li ganjie pointed out that at present and for some time to come, we should focus on the “ten innovations”.First, we need to strengthen r&d and innovation in science and technology.Scientific and technological innovation is the core of all-round innovation.Without scientific and technological innovation, it will be impossible to shift the driving force of development and gain new competitive advantages.We need to focus on the major needs of economic and social development, continue to tackle key issues and make breakthroughs in innovation.Investment in RESEARCH and development should continue to increase, carriers of science and technology should become stronger together, enterprises should become bigger and stronger, and the application of achievements should be smooth and effective.Second, we need to strengthen innovation in talent introduction and training.In the past two years, shandong has become increasingly attractive to talents, who are more optimistic about the development of Shandong.Looking to the future, we must make greater efforts to pool the world’s talent and use it.We need to find new ways to attract talent, highlight leading talents, and open exchanges.In the independent training of the new recruit, make good use of college, vocational education two positions;Make the best of the talent and give all kinds of talent trust, opportunities, incentives and stage.Third, we need to strengthen innovation in the business environment.The business environment is all about productivity, competitiveness and innovation.We need to take innovative actions to improve the business environment. We need to foster an efficient and convenient government affairs environment, a level playing field in the market, strong factors of production, a harmonious and stable cultural environment, an open and transparent rule of law environment, and an environment of quality and warm services, so that we can continue to lead the way in China.We need to make it easier for businesses to get things done and give them more support so that they can compete fairly and develop in peace.Fourth, we need to step up digital reform and innovation.Accelerating digital transformation is key to generating new drivers of growth and enhancing innovation.We need to speed up the building of a digital government, a digital society and a digital economy, accelerate the building of digital institutions, make breakthroughs in the industrial Internet, accelerate digital governance, increase the layout of digital infrastructure, and drive changes in the way of production, way of life and way of governance through digital transformation.Fifth, we need to strengthen industrial ecological innovation.We should rely on “flying geese” industrial clusters to strengthen coordination and upgrade energy levels, and build a well-integrated, interconnected, innovative, secure and stable industrial ecosystem.We need to improve the integrity of industrial chains and the stability of supply chains, and speed up the shaping of a number of strategic and overarching industrial chains.We should enhance the synergy of industrial clusters, focus on leading the way, consolidating industrial parks and connecting platforms.Sixth, we need to strengthen innovation in ensuring factors of production.Different mechanisms regulate land, energy, the environment, capital and other factors of production, with different priorities. We must strengthen policy coordination and break down the “ceiling” of factors of production with new thinking and measures.We will make greater efforts in market-based transactions and break down market segmentation and regional barriers.We need to make differentiated allocation of resources, better connect supply and demand, promote targeted supply, and open up financing channels for enterprises.We need to tap endogenous potential, speed up efforts to clear up, invigorate and improve efficiency, and quickly reverse the coexistence of shortage of factors of production and idle resources.Seventh, we will strengthen innovation and improvement of people’s wellbeing.We will focus on key groups, such as the elderly and the young, and those in need, and work to ensure that people’s wellbeing is universal, basic, and those who are most in need.We need to adopt new ideas and new measures to ensure that people have new channels for increasing their income, new medical experience, and better housing.With the seven-network development as the driving force, we will promote equal access to public goods and services, make solid progress in rural development, accelerate urban renewal, and improve the quality of life.Eighth, we need to strengthen innovation in risk prevention and control.We need to change the concept of prevention and control, coordinate development and security, integrate safe development into the whole process of economic and social development, and increase vigilance and initiative.We need to focus on key prevention and control priorities, and ensure that food, energy, finance, industrial and supply chains, production safety, the environment, food and drugs, social stability, ideology, and epidemic prevention and control are all bottom lines.We need to strengthen prevention and control, strengthen education and training, daily supervision and emergency response.Ninth, we need to strengthen cultural publicity and innovation.We should make greater efforts to promote cultural innovation and innovation, build new heights of exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, explore new paths for integrated development of culture and tourism, and enhance the brand of “Shandong’s best hospitality”.We need to strengthen publicity, guidance and innovation. Our officials should not only be good commanders and fighters, but also good propagandists and guides, so as to pool forces from all sectors and form strong positive energy for high-quality development.Tenth, we need to strengthen implementation and innovation.We need to improve the four-pronged mechanism, integrate and optimize existing task forces, and strengthen the regular work force dispatched to the community level.We need to improve the inspection mechanism, focus on key areas, strengthen coordination, supervise and help in parallel, and ensure that all work is implemented.We should improve the assessment mechanism, take into account the differences among different regions and units, optimize the assessment system, and truly test vitality, competitiveness, and executive ability.Li ganjie stressed that enterprises are the main body of innovation and entrepreneurs are the explorers, organizers and leaders of innovation and development.We should promote entrepreneurship, foster a new type of cordial and clean relationship between government and business, give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of entrepreneurs, and create a favorable environment for their innovation and entrepreneurship.It is hoped that entrepreneurs will dare to be pioneers in innovation, strive to build their enterprises into powerful innovation subjects, constantly enhance their innovation capabilities and core competitiveness, and drive the whole society to form a strong atmosphere of innovation and development.Zhou Naixiang put forward requirements on the implementation of the spirit of the meeting.He stressed that the entire province all levels of various departments to improve position, carry on the responsibility, the innovation of core position, on the development of the country, holding on to consolidate the development of comparative advantage, supplement the weaknesses, activate power board, grasp key, cohesion, and promote “innovation” top ten tasks full potential, to speed up the ground, early results.We should further strengthen the spirit of “sprint at the beginning and decisive battle at the beginning”, ensure that the first quarter has a “steady start” and a “good start”, and lay a solid foundation for and gain initiative in our work throughout the year.The conference was held in the form of video. Members of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee and leaders of relevant provinces, relevant parties of the province, relevant departments (units) of the province directly, responsible members of the news media, and commended entrepreneurs attended the conference in the main venue.Provincial departments, provincial enterprises, colleges and universities, the central units in Shandong and the cities, counties (cities, districts) set up branch meetings.Source: New Yellow River App