Behind women’s soccer champion: the commercial road of sonorous roses

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China’s women’s football team has won the Asian Cup, sparking a frenzy on wechat.To say this wave of heat, there may also be many from the men’s foot there rub, after all, men’s foot performance is really not good recently, this contrast, sonorous rose more sonorous, many men’s foot fans estimate also to calm down a little mood.In addition to winning and losing and audience popularity, there is also a point that has been compared between the two. For example, huang Jianxiang, a well-known football journalist, said publicly a few days ago: “We strongly request the Football Association to give bonus to the women’s football team in accordance with the standard of 6 million yuan for winning a match in the men’s twelve finals!”For example, Li Xuan, director of China Internal Affairs of China Football News, also said, “WE hope the Chinese Football Association will give the Chinese women’s football team the prize money saved by the men’s football team. If the Asian Cup is won, we suggest doubling it.”First, Discovery Finance has expanded the prize money business to include the commercialization of women’s soccer or, to a lesser extent, women’s sports.It is common knowledge that worldwide awareness, promotion and commercialisation of women’s sport lag significantly behind that of men’s sport.”Happy See finance” to tell you a cold knowledge: in the international, some women’s football tournament sponsorship resources are “scraps”, “scraps” to what extent?It is often packaged and sold to sponsors as a “giveaway” for men’s football sponsorship rights.In fact, By comparison, Chinese women’s sports are already world leaders.Take the Chinese Women’s Super League as an example. Although its income is far less than that of men, the overall investment of women’s Super League is still the first in the world, and the average annual salary is among the top three in the world.There is also a trend in the commercialization of women’s sports, which lags behind men’s, but is booming, with deloitte predicting in a report that it will be worth well over a billion dollars in the future.Back to Chinese women’s soccer.Many people may not imagine that the Domestic women’s Super Football League was established in 1997, but it was only in 2005 that they got the serious “naming fee”. Moreover, in that year, the sponsorship amount of a businessman who invested the title of the women’s Super football League was only 60,000 yuan.Of course, we should also say dialectically that money is not always a good thing. Excessive commercialization may complicate the original simple struggle, competition, coach and athlete relationship, and the negative effects are also common.However, the lack of commercialization is certainly a problem.There is a saying that is not true: money is not everything, but no money is nothing.Patriotism fighting for the country is valuable, but also let the athletes in addition to the spiritual wealth also strive to gain it, after all, they have been in this industry since childhood, the whole body is old and new wounds.What’s more, winning or losing in modern competitions is largely a matter of high-tech, including equipment, venue, training, diet, medicine and many other aspects.Roses have had tough winters, too.After the 2000 Sydney Olympics, The Chinese women’s football team gradually weakened, and after the 2007 World Cup on home soil, the survival situation of women’s football clubs is not ideal, except for a few major provinces, and the training conditions of players are not as good as the men’s players.I still remember a few years ago, a national women’s football player once mentioned a detail at an event, saying that the fields of some women’s football teams were not as good as those of amateur community matches, and some teams even did not have fixed home courts.In other words, over the years, even the most basic hardware, such as venues, may have been underinvested.In 2015, some changes took place in Women’s football competitions in China. The Chinese Football Association divided women’s professional football leagues into women’s Super league and Women’s First League, and promoted the promotion and demotion system, thus making steady progress in the professionalization process.The event brings viewership and attention, viewership brings business, the power of “IP”, and thus more commercial opportunities for women’s sports.Take women’s football team as an example, more and more enterprises began to pay attention to this IP and opportunity. For example, LetV mobile phone launched the 12 million yuan annual women’s Super League title in 2015, which was the first time in the history of women’s Super League to get the full name of merchants.With naming fees and other business income, the Cfa has improved the treatment of professional women’s soccer players and referees in China, and provided subsidies and subsidies to the teams participating in the Women’s Super League and women’s First League, objectively reducing the cost of women’s soccer clubs.But since then, LeEco itself has a business crisis, the name was suspended at the end of 2016.At the end of 2019, China Taiping took over, and the Women’s Super League once again welcomed a full naming company.In addition, in the same year, Alipay also announced the “10-year 1 billion plan”, that is, in the next 10 years, it will invest 1 billion to sponsor Chinese women’s football.Second, the trend.With the promotion of domestic professional women’s soccer, its commercialization road is becoming wider and wider, and the “red envelope” has become more and more.For example, after the Chinese women’s soccer team won the gold medal, mengniu Group, an official partner of the Chinese women’s soccer team, announced a bonus of 10 million yuan.Alipay’s “10-year 1 billion Plan”, i.e. 100 million per year, is used for: bonus and training level improvement of women’s national football team, injury protection and retirement transformation of women’s football players, technical development and coach training of women’s football, and promotion and development of youth women’s football.According to brokerage China reported that after the Asian Cup, the support for outstanding women’s football players to stay abroad plan, will also be included in the focus of the Football Association, Alipay this year’s 100 million support funds, will also be specific subsidies to this plan, for women’s football players to stay abroad to provide life, training security.In addition, Alipay also said that 13 million yuan has been in place for the purpose of the bonus, is “10 million yuan for the players and 3 million yuan for the shui Qingxia coach team.”When it comes to Coach Shui Qingxia, it is necessary to mention the coach’s “mother” : Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank.Before shui Qingxia was officially appointed head coach of the Chinese women’s national soccer team last year, she was the long-time head coach of the Shanghai Women’s National soccer team.In fact, Shanghai women’s is a traditional Chinese women’s football teams, in the domestic competition has a total of 44 won the national championship trophy, which won the top flight for many times, in the history for the women’s national team including the sun, ShuiQingXia, PuWei, including the battle viann nickname, XiaoYuYi etc, many of the star, of which 2018 and 2021,The Shanghai Women’s football team has been selected to the national women’s football team for a total of 30 times, making due contributions to the Chinese women’s football team in international competitions.In recent years, the excellent performance of Shanghai Women’s football Team (Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Women’s football Team) is also supported by Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank.On January 18, 2018, Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Football Association and Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank signed a contract to formally set up Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Women’s Football Team, which started a new journey of a new cycle.Chen Qun, then the vice mayor of Shanghai, inaugurated the new women’s football club.Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank also became the title sponsor of The Shanghai Women’s Football Team, which was renamed as Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Women’s Football Team.Indeed, it is an open secret in the industry that the combined return on investing in women’s football is less obvious than in men’s or other top IP franchises, and more often companies see it as a social responsibility.That is why it is all the more remarkable for those organizations that have been quietly investing in women’s football for years before the Asian Cup.In addition, another valuable point of Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank is that they have long been the “mother” and not the “owner” of Shanghai Women’s football Team, that is, they do not participate in the internal management of any team, respect the professionalism of sports and let professional people do professional things.Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank has been practicing its social responsibility and has never been discontinuous in supporting Shanghai’s sports undertakings, from genbao Football Base, East Asia Football Team, Shanghai Port Football Team, Shanghai Xufang “Five-a-side” football team, 2019 Tour of Italy Yangtze River Delta Open, regional sports events and so on…As a financial state-owned enterprise in Shanghai, RURAL Commercial Bank of Shanghai has always been contributing to the goal of “Building Shanghai into a world famous sports city by 2025”.