Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage: The draft of Beijing Central Axis Application document has been submitted in advance for review

2022-05-03 0 By

Beijing is a world-famous ancient capital, and its history and culture bears witness to the long history of The Chinese civilization.Liu Hongchang, deputy chief inspector of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage, introduces Beijing’s historical and cultural protection at a press conference on The protection of Beijing’s historical and cultural heritage held at the Beijing International Hotel in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 13, 2022.Beijing axis application for world Heritage, Liu Hongchang, Beijing axis application for world Heritage to achieve a new breakthrough.He said that at present, Beijing is pushing forward the “three year action plan for the application of the Central Axis for World Heritage Protection” with high standards, and pushing forward the progress of 48 tasks, has completed the application of rent cancellation around the Bell and Drum Towers, the environmental renovation of the Ground street, the demolition of non-cultural relics in the taimiao core area, zhengyang Bridge town water beast excavation and other projects.”The draft document has been submitted to the World Heritage Center for format review in advance.”Liu Hongchang said.At the same time, Liu hongchang mentioned that Beijing successfully hosted the Asian Dialogue on Cultural Heritage Protection and the 44th World Heritage Conference on The protection and Sustainable Development of Urban Historical Landscape, which achieved a series of important achievements and continued to expand the international visibility and influence of the central Axis.At the same time, the in-depth publicity and promotion of the Application for world Heritage protection of the Central Axis and the large-scale cultural and music competition reality show “The Most Beautiful Central Axis” have been widely praised by the society.