Jingmen hidden in boudoir minority scenic spot, for living fossil peach blossom jellyfish habitat, scenery beauty

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Jingmen hidden in the boudoir minority scenic spot, for the living fossil peach blossom jellyfish habitat, beauty has always been a lot of young people like Hawaii, but the number of people in Hawaii is also very large, resulting in we always can not get a very pleasant travel experience.So I recommend you to go to this small group of scenic spots in Jingmen, it is said that he is a secluded scenic spot hidden in boudoir, is the habitat of living fossil peach blossom jellyfish.It is also known as the Little Hawaii scenic area of Hubei Province.This has a little Hawaii reputation of the scenic area, in fact, is a jing inside the name of the Zhanghe scenic area, it is said that its geographical location is very excellent, in jingmen, Yichang and Xiangyang the intersection of the three cities, so it is the most popular tourist destination in the whole tour route.It is said that the water capacity of the whole was nearly 20 cubic meters or so, and it is the place of the surface of 104 k ㎡ are all artificial lake, thus we can tell, although the place called the river but the area is like a lake, after the past but we can feel the entire scenic area looks like the sea boundless, overall give a person a kind of strange illusion.The whole Zhanghe scenic area actually looks like there is no difference with the seaside, after all, he also has the island in the middle of the lake and the beach to play projects, we can sunbathe in the best scenic spot can also take a boat to the island in the middle of the lake to play.In the middle of the lake island is also divided into a lot of islands, usually guanyin Island and Chang Qingdao these two parts mainly for play.Come to Guanyin Island, we can easily see in the center of the island is located in a golden statue of Guanyin, and next to the many believers and women respectfully standing as if there really is a guanyin in front of them.It is said that this guanyin statue is about 18m high, and it is the first double-sided guanyin in central China. There will be 33 incarnations of guanyin beside it, which is very magnificent.After passing guanyin Island, we can go to Chang Qingdao to have a look, legend chang Qingdao is the best place to watch the local scenery, it is said that he is about 25m high, so after standing on the top of the whole Zhanghe river scenery all in view, is a good place for sightseeing and taking photos.After seeing the stunning scenery, we can also go to the island to participate in some very interesting entertainment, such as water park to play or to go to the forest to climb, sit on a zipline and so on, so many can make us scream projects waiting for everyone to come to play.If you are calm and do not like this kind of noisy amusement project, you can also rent a boat to drift quietly on the river and feel the refreshing breeze on your face. You can also quietly enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river and enjoy this pleasant time of your own.