Guichi District Niutoushan town: in-depth investigation and management, eliminate fire hazards

2022-05-05 0 By

In order to draw lessons from the accident and resolutely curb the occurrence of deadly fires, Niutoushan town recently organized a special action to comprehensively control major fire risks of production and operation rent-built houses.Strengthen leadership, solid investigation foundation.Strengthened organization leadership for special operation, issued the tauren hills production and operation of rent from building major fire risk comprehensive implementation plan, set up a regular assessment mechanism, supervision, scheduling work, according to the village is responsible for the jurisdiction in the comprehensive check, supervise and urge the rectification, the competent department of industry divisions of illness regulation principle, urging to carry out special operations.All sectors are required to complete the comprehensive management work at the same time, to carry out the risk investigation of the industry, formulate the investigation plan, and implement the “one place, one countermeasure” precise management.Have a definite aim and focus on the key points of regulation.Focus on illegal structures, choi steel case, the setting affect the window to escape or obstacles, not according to stipulations on fire compartmentation, set up cold storage or production, storage, management inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, does not meet the requirements for the fire safety violations living place for people, with fire, electricity, gas does not regulate, lodging and accommodation part Shared stairways and exits,There are eight hidden fire hazards, such as major fire risks and major hidden fire hazards, to find out the construction situation of self-built houses, users, fire facilities, etc., register and register one by one, and promote the rectification of hidden dangers.Strengthen dispatching and implement rigid measures.Enhance dispatching, guard against risks, the implementation of rigid measures, the use of combustible materials to build and get in the way of escape and rescue facilities shall be removed or set easy to escape device, does not satisfy the conditions for fire safety violations live required deadline to move out, the inadequate fire compartmentation, electrical wiring of electric vehicle charging irregularities, private, shall be ordered to correct, to ensure the rectification in place.At present, the preliminary investigation has been completed, the next step of the town will strengthen work scheduling, vigorously promote the rectification of hidden dangers, to ensure fire safety.(Correspondent Liu Xuedong) Source: Zhongan Online