The Barefoot Doctor’s Handbook is a comprehensive medical book

2022-05-08 0 By

Many friends hope to know more medical knowledge, hoping that they can help their family and friends to see a disease, so they pay attention to and learn all kinds of medical knowledge in the headlines.But this knowledge of true and false broken mixed half, serious fragmentation, strictly speaking, is not supposed to learn to apply.The truly comprehensive medical knowledge is too much to be learned, and much of it is too profound to be learned by self-study.These days, I saw a “barefoot Doctor’s Manual”. When I have nothing to do, I feel that it is an all-round medical book, with everything on it and simple and convenient treatment methods. It is really suitable for grassroots use.It has to be said that the barefoot doctor system and the “Barefoot Doctor Manual” have made great contributions to the medical and health care of the people.Medical treatment is an eternal topic, even developed as Europe and the United States, medical resources are still relatively short.Therefore, it is also right for everyone to know more about medical knowledge.After all, it’s better to ask for help than to ask for help.