Will India’s technology level match that of the US by 2025?

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We can not catch up, but we can catch up with at least 75% of the level of the United States.Original translation:Ragul Sundaram,lives in IndiaThe answer is definitely notSince country loke US has more independent corporate firms that can work on to develop techs and the government can easily work with those private firms the growth is at much faster rate.But here in India government offices and authority are not at a sweet relationship with any private firms. So the growth will stillA) be at lag B) be at lagBecause the United States has more independent companies that can work on new technologies, and the government can easily partner with these private companies, they grow much faster.But in India, government departments and authorities do not have a good relationship with any private company.As a result, India’s development will remain lagging.==========Shahid Ali, Teacher at Govt. of Assam (2010-present)Not equal but can scale upto atleast 75 percent. In some fields the USA is more advantageous than India. They have a good control over marine engineering, navigation technology, war management, scientific research, construction engineering, medical sciences and so on.While India is gradually progressing in all these fields.Not to catch up, but to at least 75% of us levels.In some areas USA has an advantage over India, they have a good command of ocean engineering, navigation technology, war management, scientific research, construction engineering, medicine, etc.India is making progress in all these areas.==========S Murugesan, Retired bank employee at BankingIn terms of technology we are not lagging.The US technologists are the origins from various countries, the origin of US are only the primitive red Indians . Indians also were instrumental in development of US technologies.We were thriving with wealth and technology until 16th century which were robbed and looted by foreign invaders leaving us in poverty.Still we are growing. We may take a decade or more when we will far exceed every other countries.In terms of technology, we are not behind.American technicians came from different countries, and the native Americans were just backward, red-skinned Indians.Indians also played an important role in the development of American technology.Our wealth and technology flourished until the 16th century, which was plundered by foreign invaders and left us impoverished.We are still developing and it may take us a decade or more to be far ahead of other countries.Original translation:Longteng http://www.ltaaa.cn reprint please indicate the source = = = = = = = = = = = = = Bejoy Pramanick,lived in IndiaWhy do you want to have US as a benchmark? US is our friend not a competetor.I think we should think in terms of what impact we can make to improve the life in India by making it more beautiful in terms of public infrastructure.Why do you want the US as the benchmark?We are friends, not competitors.I think we should think about what impact we can have on improving life in India by improving public infrastructure in India.As far as technology goes, programmers here are waking up , rejecting slave work, and challanging their technological limitations and handicap.India will leap forward, and will be a giant in the next few years, but that's not really the need of the hour. We need love to replace hate and neglect and trust to replace mistrust from our society. That for me looks like a bigger challange in the coming times, for India and the world at large.As far as technology is concerned, programmers here are waking up, rejecting slave work and challenging their technical limitations and barriers.India will rise and become a giant in the coming years, but that is not what is really needed now.We need love to replace hate, and trust to replace social distrust.This is a bigger challenge for me, for India and for the world.===========Shrikant ChitkoIndia will not reach America even in 3025 if the present trend continues.Cone out of your day dreams as early as possible. In the U. S. the deserving people work and lead and others follow. No need to comment on our glorious tradition.If current trends continue, India will not reach us level even in 3025.Wake up from your daydreams as early as possible.In America, the right people lead and the rest follow.No need to mention our glorious traditions.