Yang County: Industrial revitalization leads rural revitalization

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“Last year, hei Gu had a good harvest and sold more than 3,000 yuan per mu, and also received government subsidies. This year, I plan to plant more than three mu, trying to catch the good policy to earn more money.”February 17, in Yang County Ma Chang town double temple village black valley base, rice farmer Li Jianfa happily said.Although spring has just begun, in Yangxian county, the hometown of the beautiful crested Ibis, the majority of Party members and cadres bent down and went deep into the front line to seek industrial development for the masses and solve the problems of the masses. The people rolled up their sleeves to rush, work fast and work hard to write a new chapter of the New Year.Since 2021, Yang County has insisted on industrial revitalization as an important starting point for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, and actively implemented the “five strategies” of industrial expansion, technical support, main body cultivation, production and marketing docking, and deepening reform, so as to ensure stable income increase of people in need and promote rural industrial revitalization.The county first, adhere to the “green” word organic lead, transformation and upgrading, in order to “six area factory” for the gripper, in accordance with the “farmers article brigade integration” development ideas and factory “park + cooperative + base + farmer” pattern, vigorously implement the black rice, fruit, edible fungus quality ascension, medicinal herbs breakthrough projects, cultivate strong characteristic pillar industries.At present, the total development of black valley planting 50,000 mu, kiwi, citrus and other fruit industry 125,000 mu, edible fungi 200,000 8.5 million bags, 131,000 mu of Chinese medicinal materials.At the same time, dig crested ibis ecological and cultural connotation, set up a global alliance of crested ibis protection, IP and stronger crested ibis culture, build “farmers article brigade fusion” high-quality goods project, to the organic industry as the leading, relying on the national agricultural development area in green construction, to build national rural industrial convergence development demonstration garden, crested ibis organic products sales activities, continue to play “crested ibis” “organic” brand,Expand the “rice, fruit, medicine, livestock, bacteria” five leading industries.Accumulated certification organic production enterprises 35 households, organic products in 15 categories 85 kinds 144,200 mu, enhance the added value of the industry.Also according to the development of county green organic agriculture industry, formulate perfect industrial area planning, continue to build “a town have raised” morihiko hiramatsu industry pattern, through policy incentives, big with small, order and guide the development of organic industry, farmers planting, and gradually transition to a characteristic industry development to dragon pavilions rural complex “lotus frog fish breeding program,”We will develop a total of 2,050 hectares of rice and fishery.Yang County to create a new generation of “local experts”, efforts to expand the “Tian Xiusai” team, set up talent service centers in each town (street), increase the training and training of practical talents, in 2021 held a total of 15 konjac, Chinese bee training more than 2,300 people.They trained 1,532 practical talents from party members, 135 from outstanding practical talents, and 102 from practical talents into village cadres.We intensified efforts to foster new types of agribusiness entities, and strengthened the ranks of new types of agribusiness entities. In total, 68 industrial demonstration villages, 46 industrial demonstration zones, 72 industrial demonstration sites, and 33 centralized demonstration bases for continuous black rice production were built.”At present, spring tillage preparation is our main work, a warm spring day will be seedlings, we must do a good job of seed, fertilizer reserves, but also increase practical technology training, to ensure that the industrial development opened a good bureau.Yang County agricultural technology center Qin Shuiyuan said.– END — Source: Yangxian Rural Development Bureau Editor: Cao Fei Editor: He Long Chief Editor: Zhang Zhigang Supervisor: Song Hao Mainstream public opinion front integrated service platform community information hub Yangxian released the APP of Love Yang County