Fish found in Zhengzhou street lamps are dubbed “strong fish” by netizens

2022-05-11 0 By

Recently, a woman in Zhengzhou, Henan province, was walking in a community park when she found a small fish hidden inside a street lamp.The woman guessed that it must be a heavy rainstorm in Zhengzhou on July 20. After the street lamp was flooded by the river under the lamp, the fish swam into it.Now, more than half a year after the flood receded, fish are still trapped inside streetlamps and alive.The woman said that at present, the area is still obviously flooded, the fish is still safe, the river is being cleaned, the fish released may not be safe, I don’t know what to do.”It’s incredible that this fish is a witness of 7.20, how tenacious life is!This is no problem “fish tough” ah!Still remember in 2008 Wenchuan earthquake when the “pig strong”?When we sigh at the impermanence of life, we are more surprised at its magic and strong. Later, the pig strong was protected and became a witness of the Wenchuan earthquake. Until last year, the pig strong did not finish its life course.Nowadays, the emergence of strong “fish”, also let people sigh the tenacity of life, but compared with the strong pig, fish is strong now but don’t know where to go, she said the river is still in cleaning, worry about after the fish is strong but not safe, if domestic, may be more likely to die, don’t know if you have any good friends way?The boom in xian