The guy refused to date and escaped from the second floor by climbing over the wall while his parents were not paying attention

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In Henan and Anhui provinces, single men and women who return home for the Spring Festival every year are inevitably arranged by their parents on blind dates. Many couples in these two places meet through blind dates, especially in rural areas, at least one third of them.Blind date this matter is like eating durian, like the people are happy to rush to it, do not like the people, speaking of blind date hate, try to escape, especially young people, they advocate the freedom of love and marriage, what parents order matchmaker’s words, in their eyes are all the old customs should be eliminated.On February 2, 2022, a netizen in Fuyang city, Anhui Province revealed that his cousin, in order to avoid a blind date arranged by his parents, jumped over a wall from the second floor of his home when they weren’t looking, risking his life to protest the date.As he jumped from the second balcony to the top of the next building, he looked like a bird rushing to his dreams and freedom, with a bright smile on his face full of youthful vitality under the setting sun.According to his cousin, when he saw his cousin climb out of the balcony, he was amazed that he would risk such a thing to turn down a blind date set up by his parents.After my cousin took a picture of the incident and uploaded it to the Internet, it aroused hot comments from netizens.Some net friends: don’t look at him now run happily, in fact is single by strength, he will regret later.Another netizen said: he is still too young, in a few years to break his thigh.”When I was his age, my family arranged blind dates for three girls who all had boyfriends and wanted to meet me. I was speechless,” another said.Blind date and free love are the same, is a way to the marriage hall, but free love is like opening a blind box, two people do not know the needle in a haystack, looking for each other in the vast sea of people, do not know when the right person will appear.Blind date is much simpler, they are introduced by friends and relatives, before meeting can know the root of the matter, as long as they meet each other, like each other, marriage is a foot in the door, unlike free love so much love and hatred.And for those who are not good at words, especially shy men and women, blind date is the perfect way to love.A guy who refuses to run away from a blind date is too reckless.If the parents have made an appointment to meet the girl, he ran away like this, how hurt the girl’s self-esteem?Since already made an appointment, might as well meet one side, in case the other party is their favorite type, isn’t it better?If the other person is not your favorite type, and it is not impossible to refuse, a blind date is just a meeting, not an engagement, running away before meeting will make people think that he is not stable, careless, do not know how to respect others.And after this escape, the guy will be so notorious, matchmaker, heard his fame have to detour, who dare to give you a kiss?It will be harder to find a wife through blind dates.I hope that the young man will keep his word and do everything from beginning to end, and don’t give up halfway before he does it. This is not the attitude a man should have.