Beijing Winter Olympics | Feature: Go for it!Five centimeters on the ice

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Yanqing, Beijing, February 11, Xinhua News Agency (Reporters Zhang Xiao, Ma Bangjie)On the evening of November 11, the ice temperature of “Snow Dragon” in Yanqing National Snow Sled Center was close to minus 10 degrees Celsius, and the media center was anxious as if waiting for the release of the national College entrance examination.Many reporters put down their laptops and locked their eyes to the big screen, waiting for someone.”Will history be made?””Of course, Yan Wen Port has strength!””But I don’t know. It’s a sleigh, after all…”One question, two answers, the solemn atmosphere magnified the dialogue between reporters.It’s always a rush before getting on the track.Yan Wengang of China takes part in the competition on Feb 11.Yan Wengang said after the race, did not think about the taste of tears after skating for 1 minute, just want to seize the last pause, told himself not to regret.The final wheel is about to start.It will be his fourth and final time on the men’s steel bobsled course at the Beijing Games.It was the same as usual: nothing special, just the steel frame, the Chinese combat uniform and the classic black and white helmet.A human blink takes about 0.2 seconds.But after three skates, Yan Wen Gang and the provisional third Russian Olympic Committee team great Alexander Tretyakov only 0.05 seconds behind.Yan Wengang of China competes in Beijing, Feb 11, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Fei has practiced for six years, who is not eager to win, to a deland dripping release?This slide, there is no reason not to fight!Instead of slapping the ground, slapping his thighs or roaring to keep himself going, he put on his helmet, rolled his hips, swung his arms, pushed, took off and turned.Set out.He flies five centimetres above the ice, with a Chinese steel-frame snowmobile at his back.The audience didn’t want to see any deceleration, hoping That Yan Wen Port was a bullet fired.But who can be sure that they will always be in the middle of the track and not touch any ice when the racers fly through the course’s 16 different angles and gradients, including the tricky turn, with four times their own pressure?The pursuit of speed of steel sled, in fact, is the art of deceleration.Adjustments can be as short as a millisecond, a slight swing of the head can change direction, shoulder and knee downward pressure can control weight, and foot rustling is the least desirable, but sometimes unavoidable, choice for racers.To leave no regret, but to be just right, this is the last slide of Yan Wen Port.Yan Wengang of China competes in Beijing, Feb 11, 2018.Enter turn 2, exit turn 2;Going into turn 3, out of turn 3…Going into the turn, perfect…Just watch turn 13 go out!Still perfect, not hitting the wall in turn 14…Racing past the Olympic rings and towards the end of the clock…Inside and outside the stadium boiling!A miracle happened — bronze medal!In six and a half years, the Chinese men’s skeleton bobsleigh has won the podium in the Winter Olympics.China’s Yan Wengang (R) and teammate Yin Zheng compete in Beijing, Feb 11, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Fei photo team mate Yin Zheng also spell, set a track start record, finally won the fifth.The same is a go, brothers need not say more, hug each other, tears flow.”Fight, there is no regret, the future will fight!”Editors: Shu Wen, Yu Sihui, Wu Junkuan