Tian Yu’s “rise”, will let the entertainment circle how many “plastic actors” blush unceasingly?

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Anyone who has read Wen Muye’s works knows that he is good at depicting small people and group figures in his works.In Dying to Survive, for example, wang Chuanjun plays a patient, Zhang Yu plays Huang MAO, Tan Zhuo plays a pole dancer, Yang Xinming plays a priest and Xu Zheng plays Cheng Yong.This time in the “miracle · stupid child” there are still yi Yangqianxi as the young factory director, Tian Yu as the workshop director, Qi Xi as the voice output, such as melancholy boxing composed of the “miracle team”.They form these ordinary and hard-working characters, for us to show a story of the struggle of a small person.Among the roles, Tian Yu plays liang Yongcheng, the director of the workshop, which is very impressive. In the film, he is an ordinary person, but he is optimistic and romantic.Tian Yu also interpreted the character of these traits in place, let us see an ordinary and not ordinary small figure image.Only listen to the name of Tian Yu believe that many people are not familiar with, but when it comes to the role he played, we will issue the original is him.For example, Miss Wang in Goodbye Mr. Loser, Wang Qinian in Celebration of Life, and Fan Jingang in Time of Gold.Despite her relatively low reputation in the industry for 23 years, Tian Yu is actually a towering figure hidden deep inside, known as the “sweeping monk” in the entertainment industry.But in these years, Tian Yu with a steady mentality, rise step by step, but also opened up their own side of the world.Before that rise, what did Tian Yu experience after all?Why is he, who is not so good-looking, able to turn the tide in middle age?Let’s look step by step: in 1975, Tian Yu was born in an intellectual family in Beijing. Her parents are teachers, her grandfather is an old traditional Chinese medicine doctor, and his older brother is named Tian Lei.Growing up in an old Beijing hutong, Tian was particularly close to the People’s Theater, where she noticed Peking Opera performers with painted faces and flying whiskers.Every time he passed by the theater after school, he always looked out of the window to see the actors’ faces, makeup and singing. “WHEN I peeked through the window, I thought their colorful clothes were really beautiful!”Light is not enough, after going home, Tian Yu will imitate the day to see the performance, whether it is on the bed or bench have become tian Yu’s performance stage, Beijing Opera singing well.When Tian Yu was six years old, he almost became a child star.The film Marco Polo was made without a young actor to play the young Genghis Khan.The teacher felt that Tian Yu’s appearance met the standard, so he recommended him to try it.Unfortunately, tian Yu did not win the role, but in the heart of tian Yu, a seed of art has been quietly buried.After entering junior middle school, Tian Yu became more interested in singing, dancing and other literary and artistic aspects, and her favorite idols were the Little Tigers, Jiang Wen and other stars.So when he was in high school preparing for the college entrance exam, Tian made a bold decision to attend an art school, but was opposed when he told his parents.As an intellectual, his parents hope that he can go to college and become a technician in the future, rather than “idle” actor.But finally in Tian Yu’s insistence, his parents still respected his decision, let him try to take an art school, so Tian Yu began to seriously prepare for the exam.On exam day, Tian sang “Return of the Prodigal Son” and “Baby, I’m sorry” on guitar, danced to a Michael Jackson routine, and finally performed a skit called “Suck Ass.”Tian Yu’s wonderful performance won the praise of the judges, because of outstanding performance he was admitted to the drama and the drama at the same time, and because the drama close to home he chose the drama.With his own efforts, the little boy, who watched performances on the window of the theater as a child, was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama and became Xia Yu’s classmate.02 into the drama, because of the love of acting, Tian Yu than the class of students are hard.My classmate Xia Yu once said: Tian Yu is the most diligent in our class, every day the first one to the classroom need not be sure that he.After her junior year, her classmates began to go out to play, but Tian Yu did not.Once a director invites the classmate of tian Yu’s class to go to play crew to take a play originally, but Tian Yu is stayed in school however by teacher Liang Bolong, Yan Gang to perform drama “geologist”.Tian Yu expressed puzzlements to this, his teacher gave an explanation: you don’t have an idea, you are acting school, have potential, hone your acting skills well, there will be a lot of opportunities to take drama in the future.Tian Yu understood the teacher’s good intentions, in this after a head into the rehearsal room line up the drama, quiet heart to seriously polish their stage acting.Undergraduate course graduation four graduation drama Tian Yu starred in three, with “outstanding graduates” left the identity of the drama.Finally, Tian Yu was assigned to the China Youth Art Theater and became a drama actor, which opened his career as an actor.In 1999, Tian Yu co-starred with Bao Guoan and starred in her first film “True Heart”. However, the film did not arouse much response after its release, and Tian Yu did not become famous.Tian Yu did not care too much about it, but turned around and focused most of her energy on the stage of the drama.Since 2002, Tian has starred in plays such as The Salem Witch, Toilet and Peach Blossom Land.She also won the Excellent Performance Award from the Ministry of Culture for her drama Chopin, which was the first individual award for her drama.While performing in the drama, Tian yu also successively acted in “Spark”, “Remarriage”, “Steel Harp”, “Big Husband” and other film and television works.But as a result of the role or play in these films and television works, tian Yu has been tepid as an actor, at most let him in front of the audience mix a familiar face.This state of Tian Yu ushered in a turning point in 2015.That year, the comedy Film Goodbye Mr. Loser, starring Shen Teng and Ma Li, was released and became a dark horse with a box office of over 1.4 billion yuan for its funny and touching plots.Aside from the two main actors, The most popular character in the film is Tian Yu’s portrayal of Miss Wang, a bourgeois teacher who is vividly and funniously portrayed.”I am a teacher!”, let “Teacher Wang” red, also let Tian Yu fire, and 2019 “Celebrate More Years” is let Tian Yu fire.In the play, he plays Wang Qinian, who appears to be greedy for money and cherish his life. Tian Yu depicts the characteristics of the role incisively and vividly, becoming the joke of the whole play.With this role Tian Yuyu thoroughly red, but also “beat” old drama bone Chen Daoming, magnolia best supporting actor.So Tian Yu ushered in the career peak, and from the initial unknown to now popular, Tian Yu with a full 20 years.Don’t fight not rob sober, just want to be a good actor.Throughout tian yu’s acting career, he mostly played some supporting roles, so the audience gave him a “golden supporting role” title, saying that he is “the mainland version of Wu Mengda”.Although most of her roles are in supporting roles, Tian yu still demands herself with the motto: “An actor should devote his whole life to acting.”Even if the role is small, Tian Yu will carefully consider the character of the character, study the way of expression lines, do not let go of every detail to show the role.In his spare time, he often goes to museums, markets and other places to observe all kinds of people and things.For example, tian Yu studied the role carefully in the shooting of “Celebrate More Years”, and the plots such as hiding money in the sole of the shoe and changing the lines to silver tickets added to the role.Tian Yu even lost 20 pounds to fit in with her role in Elite Lawyer.There are a lot of special legal terms in the lines, Tian Yu not only wear headphones every day to listen to the lectures of the law department of Renmin University of China, but also copy the lines on a small piece of paper stuck on the hotel wall and mirror, at any time to deepen memory.It is also because of his earnest efforts and intentions that he has shown us vivid and vivid characters on the screen.The most rare is whether before or after becoming famous, Tian Yu has a sober.When asked whether he was working hard as an actor, he said, “You are an actor and acting is your job. What do you have to suffer from?Or if you’re sweating like a pig on a hot summer’s day, isn’t it normal to have three layers inside and out?That’s the nature of your job, and other people have their problems, so there’s really nothing to talk about.He was also indifferent to fame, acting for whatever reason.Just as he said, I am a buddhist person, I think to do their own, life is not to win.Tian Yu did not expand after the fire, not because of the fire to pick up their own do not like, can not reach the role.”I’m not a star, I’m just an actor,” he said modestly. “The most important thing is to live a good life with my family.”It can be said that compared with those plastic actors who take memorizing lines and punctuality as advantages, tian yu’s sobriety and transparency are quite a few blushing faces.Tian Yu has no affair since her debut, and her love life is very simple. In 2004, she starred with Tang Wei in the movie “The Swallow of The Police Flower”, and the two became friends because of the play.After separation, I met my current wife, and then walked into marriage together and lived a happy life.Tian Yu once said that his ultimate goal is to live a rich life and express his accumulation and understanding of life through characters and works. This feeling makes him very happy.This is also the value of his acting, his acting is not “acting”, but the role into life, each role has its own vitality.As the movie channel M list of the most colourful character image award speech said: Tian Yu’s performance natural, vivid, with a sense of drama without traces.So such a stream of show business, we should not only remember him as a role, but also to remember the actor of such a game, because he deserves.Bluestone Film editorial Department | Xiaozhu this article is bluestone film original content, please do not reprint without authorization in any form!