On New Year’s Eve, 1,300 sanitation workers were busy cleaning up

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Formulate special cleaning programs, optimize the allocation of operating personnel, increase the number of working shifts reasonably…According to the characteristics of city appearance and environment during the Spring Festival, anning District Sanitation Bureau took a number of measures to do a good job in environmental health services.On New Year’s Eve, a total of about 60 tons of waste such as paper ash and cannon debris were removed.Setting off fireworks is a traditional custom during the Spring Festival.This year’s New Year’s Eve, the main city can be set off fireworks, in order to increase the thick flavor of the New Year.In order to ensure the timely collection, transportation and disposal of firecrackers and sacrifice garbage along the streets, from The New Year’s Eve to the first day of the first month, the district Sanitation Bureau was on duty, with a total of more than 1300 people, such as cleaners, garbage collection and transportation operators, and more than 150 vehicles such as small circuit collection vehicles, large compressed collection and transportation vehicles.A total of more than 60 tons of waste such as ritual paper ash and cannon debris were collected, transported and disposed of in Anning East And West Road and Wanxin South Road. Meanwhile, garbage transfer stations in the main urban area were opened 24 hours a day to ensure safe and efficient emergency collection, transportation and disposal on New Year’s Eve.It is reported that in view of the fireworks and firecrackers during the Spring Festival, the difficulty of cleaning, increasing the amount of garbage and other situations, the district Sanitation bureau to do a good job in the district environmental health service guarantee work.Special work meetings were held before the festival for arrangements and deployment, scientific development of the Spring Festival work plan, refinement of emergency plans, etc.Before the Spring Festival, the organization of personnel to the main and secondary roads and back streets of health dead spots for three times, maintenance of more than 50 fruit boxes, the collection of more than 30 pieces of discarded furniture in the street.Increase the number of cleaning personnel on main roads, and focus on shopping malls, markets, residential areas, bus stations and other densely populated areas to carry out cleaning operations in strict accordance with operating standards.Increase the frequency of garbage collection and transportation, so that garbage daily cleaning, to ensure no garbage accumulation.To improve the quality of service, 81 public restrooms in the area were open 24 hours a day, and the cleaning frequency was increased. Staff were organized to inspect and repair the facilities and equipment of public restrooms to ensure the convenience of citizens.Strictly implement the Spring Festival on duty work, arrange inspectors to patrol, key spot check and other ways to supervise the environmental health of the whole district, the problems found timely rectification.At the same time, arrange on duty personnel always pay attention to weather changes, once there is snow weather timely start emergency plan, to ensure the safety of citizens and vehicles.The Spring Festival is the most important festival of the year. The family reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve is a traditional custom of every family.However, all the staff of the District Sanitation Bureau took the initiative to give up the opportunity to reunite with their families, stick to their posts, “accompany the road”, and silently contribute to the cleanliness of the city, which is touching and awe-inspiring.Let’s give them a thumbs up!(Reporter: Zhang Xiaoyan;Editor: Liu Xiang;Review: Niu Yulin, Dong Zhengang)