What if you don’t get along with your own mother?A tip that works. Take it. You’re welcome

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I love my mom. I really do.When I was a child, she was my day, hungry, mother to do a good job to eat, eat to my tummy smooth, satisfied;Cold, mother to do cotton-padded clothes, cotton-padded shoes, winter night, shoes are baked, wear in the morning when the hot, feet particularly comfortable.But when I grew up, I don’t know when I gradually couldn’t communicate with her. It was awkward and uncomfortable to get along with her.For example, I can’t get up in the morning. I like to sleep late.She didn’t like it and insisted that I get up early every morning until I screamed.A little dawdle for a while, then chanting: “What trouble, sleep late every day.I hate it.When the meal is ready, I can’t get up and eat it. I have to wait for you.”I said I don’t eat breakfast, also no, must eat, I have done for you, you don’t eat not waste it?I usually work, every day to get up early, finally have a holiday, really really good hope can sleep to wake up naturally.But sleeping in is totally unacceptable to her.This is just one of many small things, but more importantly, many of our perceptions have changed.For example, to buy something, I want to buy something of good quality, but she only wants me to buy something cheap.If I buy clothes a little expensive, I will be scolded for being a loser and not knowing how to save money.Ordering take-out, she’d say, “You’re so lazy, you can’t make it yourself.”And so on, she really hates a lot of things, always nagging me to live my life her way.This is really hard for me to take in.It’s getting more and more uncomfortable.Some netizens said it was tiring to get along with their own mothers.I used to be more obedient and dare not resist.After marriage, always interfere in their own life, do not listen to her words is not good, filial piety, nagging up endless, heart tired…Another netizen said that when chatting with his mother, he would be full of belligerence, talking about marriage, talking about children, and even some small issues would be quarrelsome.So how do we get along with our mothers, who we love and love very much, when we grow up and suddenly aren’t so cute?There are a few tips to try: first, sort out your emotions, straighten out your state of mind, follow, not reverse.That’s the premise, and it’s an important one.Because if we’re at odds with our own mother’s state of mind, it’s hard to live with.Although we are adults, we may still keep this in mind.So, first of all, sort out your own mood and state of mind, and stay calm and tolerant.Think of our childhood, mother to our meticulous care and concern, to our patience and tolerance.Now she is too old to keep up with the development of the society. Many things are still stuck in the past. We also need to understand and tolerate, because she just wants us to live happily.While being able to understand your mother, let yourself stand on the same position with her and not be confrontational.Always holding a tolerant understanding of the heart, always understand, because my mother loves me, I hope I good just like this.It’s easier to come to terms with mom when you’re not angry, have peace of mind, and have a big heart.Secondly, affirm her opinions and ideas when communicating with her mother.When people get old, in fact, they also know that they can’t keep up with the development of society, there will inevitably be some gap in the heart, and even in front of the young people are not confident, and may even be afraid that the young people will look down on themselves.Children who express their own opinions and ideas, but have been raised by their own hands, oppose them at first, and naturally cannot accept them.As my mother used to say, “Don’t I know as much as you do after all my years?”So, in fact, our mothers also want to be recognized and recognized.For example, when I buy a pair of expensive boots, my mother complains about me.I’d say, “Mom, you’re right. You should save. These shoes are expensive.But why did I buy it?Mom, think about it. I buy a pair of cheap shoes, they wear out after one season, I have to buy more, and they probably hurt my feet.These are more expensive, but I can wear them for two years. On average, they’re worth more than cheap shoes, and they’re comfortable.Do you think MY calculation is correct?Is it also a savings?”While saying, while smiling and holding her arm sell meng.My mother immediately calm down, say: “you say so also have reason.”My mother felt that I did not oppose her point of view, but that the solution was different, and she could accept the difference.Plus my good attitude, did not fight with her, as the saying goes, hand does not hit a smiling face, let alone his own!As a last resort, the trick is to hide everything.Some things, they just don’t make sense, so just hide them.I remember reading a story about a man who had a successful career and a good economic situation. He took his mother to see a dentist, and the doctor suggested planting.The man said, the best.Mom was not happy and said the cheapest would do.The man immediately changed his mind and told the doctor, “The cheapest one.”Then she took her mother out.Take advantage of the mother to do other things, go back to the doctor said: “or planting the best, JUST I was afraid my mother would not be happy, you also help me to keep a secret.”So they planted the best teeth for the old lady, who thought they were the cheapest and was very happy.I think she was happy not only because she spent less money, but also because her son respected her opinion.So, want to do some good things for parents, and afraid they have a psychological burden and not happy, might as well use this move, flexible, do not need to twist blindly, lead to both sides are not happy, things do not go well.A few small methods are introduced here, pro test useful oh, I hope to help the young people who have the same trouble with me, we all have a harmonious family atmosphere, and our dear mother get along harmoniously.After all, the people who love us the most, how can we disappoint, right?