“Citizen Cloud Information” 2022 Edition of Shanghai citizens price guide announced!It’s about water, electricity, etc

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Water, electricity, bus, subway, medical, education…What are these prices and charges that are closely related to our lives?The 2022 edition of Shanghai Citizen Price Information Guide compiled by the Municipal Development and Reform Commission has been officially released, covering water, electricity, medical care, education and other price standards.Recommended services: Starting from November 18, 2021, use the “Suibid” APP to swipe the “Suibid Code” to support taking ground buses in Shanghai!Users who have successfully participated in the experience officer activity of “Take subway with application Code” can also take the designated subway line with application code!By March 31, 2022, you will not only have the chance to get a 1-cent ride discount, but also get a 25-yuan red envelope!Recommendation service: Supported by Shanghai Taxi Unified platform — “Shencheng Travel” application service was officially launched in “Follow the Application” APP.Which dominated by the Shanghai government travel is called car application service, brings together the city’s cruise taxi booking service platform, unified list valuation, strictly to protect user information security, real-time positioning to determine the taxi site by mobile phones, with “a key called” function, as residents, passenger travel to provide fast, safe service.As long as you log in the APP with your real name → click on the “Travel service” theme of “Selected theme” on the home page → click on “taxi” to enter the application service page of “Shencheng Travel” → click on the way to confirm the travel address and destination → click on “Call a taxi” to call a car immediately.Recommended Services: On July 5, 2020, in order to shorten the queuing time and improve the medical treatment experience of citizens, Shanghai accelerated the promotion of “Internet + medical service” and carried out the pilot work of “one thing” project of Medical treatment payment in Shanghai. The function of “Application code • Medical insurance electronic voucher” was officially launched in “Application with Application” APP.The mobile phone can be bound to its own medical insurance card, and when you go to the hospital, you only need to open the mobile phone to swipe the code, and you can complete the operation of registration, medicine collection, discharge settlement and so on.Recommended services: to smell the fragrance, night tour, appreciate the words of gluttonful food, in fact, do not have to travel far, wonderful Shanghai tour, said to walk!Can also be “with the application of” APP “scenic spot heat map” function, query scenic spots real-time passenger flow oh!Recommended services: According to the Municipal Bureau of Planning and Resources, the “My Real estate” service launched by the APP “With The Application” has been upgraded again!Not only support query “my real estate” information, but also support online “open the city housing query results prove” operation.By searching → on the home page of the application APP, users can query the real estate registration information under their name.Opening the city’s housing query results prove: the article content and illustrated from | the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC).Please contact the original author for reprinting and authorization