Some reflections on reading books

2022-05-14 0 By

01. There has been no reading for a long time, picked up the keyboard writing found that it is really suffocated.If you can’t write, the problem is not writing, but typing.A writer once said that writing is like holding in urine. If you drink too much water, you will have urine.If you don’t read all the time, what you write is naturally empty.03. More and more people find that reading is a very luxury for modern people. They are busy at work every day and have no time.It is not easy to stay up to work time, the energy of the day has been exhausted, want to read some brain books, found that the brain can not move, just want to open a short video to relax, the result is to open a short video brush, a night is gone.04. At the beginning of the year, I kept my reading progress well, but as the pace of work accelerated, the pace of reading was interrupted for a long time.Next I have to re-grasp the reading plan, not afraid of slow, afraid to stop, even if I read a page a day, a year down, I can read more than 300 pages.05. Again to his own reading process carries on an analysis of their a lot of time reading, but brain is not functioning, namely the eye did not mind, actually work after reading is not in order to complete the exam, do not need to remember the specific content, but more is to improve life, so you need to deep thinking, even if a little point in the book bring us inspiration,Our lives will change dramatically.06. Talking to people is a kind of reading, because a lot of people life experience, although not written in the book, but it is more wonderful than book, inspired a word from the biggest to me this year is to communicate with home a elders, elders said to me: young people don’t be afraid of, dare to take the opportunity of the moment, actually one’s life and country, need some luck.07. Our government report often mention a word called historical opportunity, but the development of one’s life are need historical opportunity, this opportunity in more than 30 years old, in particular, more, more than 20 years of age, may encounter a lot of opportunities, but it is we are young, inexperienced and capital to bo a, more than 40 years of age,Physical and mental strength has been in the decline channel, there are some opportunities may be willing to heart but insufficient.Only when we are in our thirties is an important period of opportunity. We are young and have a little capital. If we have the ability, we should not wait any longer at this time.08 replayed so much, or as soon as possible to pick up the book, seriously read, seriously think, the pursuit of progress, even if the results are not satisfactory, as long as a clear conscience!