Embarrass, unconsciously let you laugh out!

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Live in northeast Tan, son want to take an examination of broadcasting host professional, but mandarin is not standard, just tan’s new unit college students, Mandarin is a class a, so Tan asks the new graduates of college students for their son tutoring mandarin.A month later, Tan asked the college student how his son’s putonghua, the college student said happily: “Ah mom, your son’s Putonghua is now old with strength, let me rest assured, not obedient I cut him” Tan…In the supermarket I bought 20 dollars of fruit, the boss said: I give you 1 orange, enough meaning bar.When the boss’s hand just took the orange when the boss’s wife glared at him, the boss immediately withdrew his hand.Ah, have no ability don’t boast!Me: “Are there any jobs where money comes in the sky?”Friend: “Yes!”Me: “What job?”Friend: “In the wishing pond when the bastard bai!”I…”What’s the good point?” asked the wife.The broker said, “Four at high tide and five at low tide.”Recently, the price of breakfast near the community has risen again, but a friend said proudly: “MY family opened a bun shop, five years, never increased the price.””How did your family manage to go five years without raising prices?” someone asked.”I know that five years ago, I would be full if I ate five of his steamed buns. Now I am only eighty percent full if I eat eight.”