MAO Weiming visited and supervised production safety in Cili Shimen

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Mao Weiming CiLi in shimen visits condolences and supervision production safety emphasizes vigorously promotes the safety in production Concerned about the changes in temperature Hunan daily to ensure the people live a happy and peaceful Spring Festival on January 24 (all media reporters Sun Minjian) arranged according to the provincial party committee, 24, vice secretary of provincial party committee, governor Mao Weiming arrived in cili county and concession, supervision inspection of production safety work,Visiting party members in difficulty.He stressed the need to adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, work safety, always care for the people, constantly enhance their sense of gain, happiness and security, and ensure that the people have a safe, happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Vice Governor Wang Yiou and Provincial Government Secretary General Deng Qunce attended.Came to cili County Zero Yang town Qingshan village difficult old party member Gao Xianxiang’s home, MAO Weiming asked about his health, family income and other circumstances, to send him the Blessing of the Spring Festival.Knowing that the old man was still enthusiastic about village affairs in his spare time, MAO weiming hoped that he would play a vanguard and exemplary role as a party member and contribute to the revitalization of the village.Zhang Zhengfeng, 86 years old, has two sons who died in the line of duty.MAO Encouraged Zhang zhengfeng to take care of himself and face life positively, and told local authorities to care for the families of martyrs and help solve practical difficulties in a timely manner to comfort the martyrs.At the home of Xiang Wanzhong, the 84-year-old retired national model worker, MAO Weiming talked with the old man, recalled the past, paid tribute to his contributions over the years, called on everyone to learn from the typical around, carry forward the power of example, and create a good atmosphere of the most glorious work.In The Jinrong Cili Technology Innovation Industrial Park in Cili County, MAO Weiming and his delegation went into the construction site of the hot project to learn about the planning and construction of the park.When the construction of the project was tense and orderly, and the first phase of the main project was nearly completed, MAO Weiming told the local responsible comrades to seize the current favorable construction conditions, strict site management, adhere to civilized construction, and promote the early completion and early production of the project under the premise of ensuring safety and quality.At cili gas station of Three Gorges Natural Gas Co., LTD., MAO Weiming and his delegation inspected fire fighting equipment, alarm device and other equipment, and inquired in detail about gas transmission and distribution, emergency rescue drill and other conditions.He stressed that gas safety concerns thousands of households, to learn from the lessons of the accident, implement the responsibilities of all parties, comprehensive investigation and rectification of gas pipe network and all kinds of gas safety risks, improve the essential safety level of gas.During the research, MAO Weiming repeatedly stressed that we should implement the responsibility system for production safety, strengthen on-duty and emergency drills, check and rectify risks and hidden dangers in key areas and places, eliminate blind areas of safety supervision, and ensure the stable and positive situation of production safety.We will strengthen market oversight to ensure food quality and safety, ensure a steady and orderly supply of energy during the Spring Festival, and ensure adequate supply and stable prices of important commodities.It is important to make epidemic prevention and control a priority, ensure the regular operation of the joint prevention and control mechanism, and focus on targeted epidemic prevention and control, so as to achieve both economic development and epidemic prevention and control.We will work hard to improve the business environment, speed up the construction of key projects, support key enterprises in stepping up their efforts, and strive to get off to a good and steady start.During the visit, MAO Weiming and his delegation also visited Jiashan Clean Government Education Base in Shimen County, and investigated Hunan Aerospace Magneto Shimen Industrial Park and Hunan Xiangjia Animal Husbandry and Food Industrial Park.(originally published in Hunan Daily) Editor | Yang Ting Duty director | Yang Xudong Final Adjudicator | He Shaoqun Production | Zhangjiajie This platform is owned by Zhangjiajie Daily.Any unit or individual who uses, republishes or disseminates the media copyright contents of Zhangjiajie Daily must obtain written authorization in advance.In addition to the scope of legal fair use, without permission, shall not be reproduced, dissemination of copyrighted works (works form is not limited to words).