Shangma street communities to carry out colorful Lantern Festival activities

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Horse street communities to carry out activities are colorful celebration of yuanxiao Lantern Festival will come, to create a good festival culture atmosphere, community residents with colorful culture life, the horse street held a variety of community activities, the community residents lead to carry forward the excellent traditional culture, feel the festive atmosphere of the Lantern Festival, with fancy yuanxiao.Haidong Community on February 14, haidong community launched a festive dumpling civilization practice activities.When the steaming dumplings came out of the pot, adults and children could not wait to taste the fruits of their labor, and laughter was heard.In order to promote the traditional virtue of respecting, loving and helping the elderly, members of the two committees of the community sent tangyuan to the elderly before the Lantern Festival and reminded them to keep warm, take care of themselves and wish them longevity and health.This activity enriched the residents’ spiritual and cultural life, created a festive atmosphere of unity, progress, joy and peace, and made the whole community form a good atmosphere of “respecting, loving and helping the elderly”, laying a solid foundation for building a better home.Lin Jia Village on the morning of February 14, Lin Jia Village relying on the new era of civilization practice station to carry forward the red culture to celebrate the Lantern Festival civilization practice activities.Volunteers first told everyone about the origin of the Lantern Festival, solar terms and customs, folk fun, read together “the triumph of unity and victory”, explain the red story, inherit the red spirit.The scene prepared fun guessing lantern riddles, specially added garbage classification, anti-fraud, winter Olympics knowledge and other puzzles, so that everyone in the process of playing the game also learn knowledge.In the process of making glutinous rice balls, we work together, and soon a snow-white glutinous rice balls are formed.When the hot and delicious dumplings came out of the pot, everyone ate the homemade dumplings with pride and enjoyment on their faces.This activity takes the traditional culture festival as the carrier, creates the strong festival atmosphere at the same time also learns the Chinese traditional culture custom, everybody also experienced the manual labor happiness, for constructs the harmonious Lin Jia village to play the positive role.Houjia Village on February 12, Houjia village launched “Our festival – Lantern Festival” new era civilization practice activities.During the activity, the volunteers taught the children the origin of the Lantern Festival and introduced the origin of customs such as appreciating lanterns, guessing lantern riddles and eating glutinous rice balls.Then we started to make lanterns, so that the children could feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture.Activities at the scene of laughter, not only let the villagers feel the strong atmosphere of the Lantern Festival, but also promote the interaction and communication of parents and children, together feel the harmony and joy of the community family.Yuying Road community on February 14, Yuying road community organization carried out the “fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival harmonious neighborhood guess lantern riddles” our festival of the new era civilization practice activities.In the activity, we work together, some knead dough, some mix stuffing, some pack dumplings, the scene is happy, everything is in an orderly way.The lantern riddles with rich content attracted everyone. The riddles were interesting and popular. The residents suggested and discussed each other in a word and in a language, and the scene was filled with joy, peace and festive atmosphere.At the end of the activity, everyone tasted the boiled dumplings together, and gave them to the sanitation workers, sent them holiday greetings and blessings, let them feel the festive atmosphere and the true feelings of the community.Source | Qingdao morning post reporter Wei niobium edit | bond said