Wu Jing binge liquor true temperament, rice sauce wine more show crafty spirit

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Wu Jing, a famous action actor and film director, revealed his drinking capacity to a national audience early on in his film Wolf Warrior 2.Many people who have seen the film will be impressed by the scene in which Wu Jing fights with his black brothers and slouches back from a Maotai bottle.Although this scene was criticized by many netizens at the time, saying that the Moutai bottle had a special design and could not be drunk in this way, wu jing left an impression of “forbearing drinking”.At that time, Wu Jing promoted Moutai for free in the movie, saying, “Moutai and Beijing Jeep are not implanted advertisements, I just want to promote Chinese products, so that the world can see the real Made in China.”They not only organized staff to watch Wolf Warrior 2, but also sent a letter to Wu jing to express their appreciation for the patriotism shown by wu and the film crew, as well as for wu Jing’s promotion of “Made in China” as a national brand.Another time, wu showed his drinking prowess at a dinner organized by yu Qian, a famous crosstalk performer.When everyone else used glasses, he took the big bowl and poured the wine into it.The bowl was so big that Wu jing’s whole face was buried in it when he drank.Not only that, at the end of the drink, he put the bowl upside down on his head to prove that there was no drop left in the bowl.This once again shows wu Jing forthright personality.Wu Jing, a Chinese kung fu actor and director, has promoted traditional Chinese culture and national brands in his films. Do you know which maotai is the most authentic?In the 1970s, Maotai used the most authentic method of ultra-low water brewing, using 39 percent water for its grain.Because of the ultra low water brewed wine, higher purity, more rich flavor.Like the same amount of milk powder, add 60% and 39% of water, the difference between the two is self-evident.The wine brewed with 39% ultra-low water content is known as “dry rice type” sauce wine in the industry. It is brewed in a small stone cellar, and all of it is made by hand, using tools and techniques such as walnut shovel, cinders and stone wine steaming machine, sanhe earth drying house, and mud seam in glutinous rice secret recipe cellar.To ensure delicate and elegant taste, the wine must be aged for more than 10 years.Wine is old fragrance, good wine must be carefully cultivated, but due to the “dry rice” sauce wine technology is difficult, high cost, low return, has been on the verge of extinction.If you have a chance to drink a “dry rice” sauce wine, it will be rare.