A holiday seven days stick

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During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, hu, who was born after 1985, was a staff member of pukou District Justice Bureau in Nanjing. He had planned to hold his wedding in his hometown, but after receiving the notice from his employer, he postponed his wedding and voluntarily settled in the community to stick to his frontline post.The more special the moment, the more important it is to focus on the big picture.Although I can’t reunite with my family during the Spring Festival, I think it is worthwhile to make a small contribution to the health and safety of the people in Pukou.My girlfriend is very supportive of my decision.”For Hu’s choice, the colleagues around are not surprised, because in pukou District justice Bureau there are a lot of party members like him quietly dedicated police, they stick to the front line for seven consecutive days as a good “goalkeeper” “inspector” “propagandist”, the accumulated service of nearly a thousand people.Pressure responsibility build strict screening line 9th justice as a whole the epidemic prevention and control work and “visit, big screen, big crucial” action, in combination with the practical situation of turnover increased during the Spring Festival etc, formulated the epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival “eight measures”, strengthen epidemic prevention and control work on duty unattended, clear leadership team members 24 hour shifts,14 members of the police set up “party members commandos”, sinking Yongning street east ge community to carry out rotating.The bureau adhere to the idea of “prevention and control of epidemic situation holiday”, through the “line” “offline” multiple channels of publicity in epidemic prevention and control knowledge and policy propaganda, epidemic prevention and control the issuance of the “letter” of more than 1340 times, actively advocate “on New Year’s day” community friends and visitors “unnecessary and carrots ning” and so on, guide from other provinces to ning timely reporting and cooperate to carry out the epidemic prevention requirements,Build a safety net for epidemic prevention and control at the source during the Spring Festival holiday.Pukou District judicial administrative police went to the village to introduce the functions and responsibilities of the judicial Bureau to the masses, publicity “civil Code”, “Legal aid Law” and other laws and regulations, through the proclaiming the party’s principles and policies, as a good propagandist of policies and regulations;In the in-depth communication with the masses again and again to extensively collect the masses of the judicial administration system’s opinions, suggestions, contradictions and disputes, risks and hidden problems clues, and effectively investigate the actual problems affecting the interests of the masses, as a good problem clues inspectors;Police officers and the masses sit together, chat, talk about feelings, change, listen to the interests of the masses, let the visit become a two-way interaction with the masses temperature exchange, close the distance between the judicial administrative police and the people, enhance the masses of people respect law law law-abiding consciousness.On the fourth day of the first month, pukou District Justice Bureau “Party member commandos” members in the visit, just encountered a resident in the handling of liquefied gas tanks, the police immediately came forward to understand the residents, and patiently explained to the residents:”Illegal storage of bottled gas or storage of gas exceeding the storage limit in places with no safety conditions pose a serious threat to public safety.”Then it was suggested that community staff lead the investigation and visit to the old community, production and business sites and other key places and areas, to further improve residents’ awareness of safe electricity, gas and heating, resolutely eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents, and promote the sustainable and stable improvement of the community security situation.In addition, through the Spring Festival patrol visit also solved the community people in legal aid, notarization and other aspects of the needs and difficult problems of more than 30, judicial administration police with practical actions to protect the people’s life and health and festival peace.Editor Pan Pei proofread Tao Enjin review Ming Lei