Do girls who have plastic surgery in real life look weird

2022-05-21 0 By

Don’t know since when, should be this two years, beside the girl suddenly there is cosmetic, small moving have cut double-fold eyelid, the mouth, big nose and eyes, and liposuction of the legs, when a company more than forty years old elder sister and said we had a double eyelid spent more than 7000, as a straight men said in shock.May be the reason for the careless itself, most of the fine-tuning of girl if you don’t take the initiative to say, simply don’t see the difference between, work everyday life together, after all, it is impossible to face talk with each other, friend’s sister did last year and a half of rib cartilage ➕ bulk edges, heard that after resting at home for more than ten days didn’t see people, after taking the gauze if not friends take the initiative to say,We didn’t realize that this crazy girl who grew up with us had plastic surgery. Even if there were careful people who felt something was wrong, they basically thought it was because of the change of women and makeup, so it caused a slight change.Young girls may change less, plus just in the physical recovery stage, so you can’t see the change without looking carefully.Into the most exaggerated is in the live broadcasting company, a friend in a special trade union hit PK anchor company to do operations, the anchor inside is 00 after all, once gave him to send things to the company, a group of Yingying Yan Yan plastic surgery strange shocked me, in the above stayed no 10 minutes to find an excuse to run away.I have also seen the beautiful photos of the female anchors of their company in my moments before. They are all beautiful as heaven. Although I can’t remember the features of the clean face, the facial features in the photos are very delicate, while in reality, they all have the same awl face, sharp chin, high nose bridge and big eyes, as well as full forehead and apple muscle.At first glance, it seems that I am standing in the midst of robots coming down the assembly line. The age of collagen should be gradually gradually, but it is full of stiffness and incoordination. I heard that the average investment of female anchors in their company starts at 50,000 yuan, which is hard to understand.To paraphrase the very vulgar words, beautiful skin, same interesting of a soul, I always can’t accept the girl facial plastic surgery, the artificial carefully after the debugging features, there can only be a word is perfect is not beautiful, young girl originally is full of collagen vitality, the older girls have after years of the wind light cloud light,The temperament after these experiences is much more beautiful than the beauty after the artificial intervention.In short, I can’t accept to get along with the stiff and unnatural person after the plastic surgery for too long, and I feel uncomfortable. Some time ago, my girlfriend wanted to go to fine tuning, but I refused. I still like the natural beauty, although there are flaws, but it is real.