To gather the strength of “double registration” of Party members and help create the city in Changping, Beijing

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Since march this year, Beijing changping district party committee organization department sinking cadres through the “double registration” mechanism, fought with huilongguan jinbang park community work personnel, widely launch party member, member, property management staff, volunteers, through developing clean homes, beautify the environment, help to create the national civilized city “step forward”.The small square in front of building no. 11 in Jinfangyuan Community is covered with weeds, which not only affect the community environment, but also attract mosquitoes in summer.Recently, Jin Bang Garden community “flowers and grass play the part of beautiful home” flower sea experimental field activities officially began, Changping District Party Committee organization Department first Party branch all party members, community staff, property staff, community party members, volunteers a total of more than 30 people to participate in the activities.After the community staff explained the matters needing attention of planting the flower sea test field, we started to act quickly. Some people dug the ground, some planted seeds and some leveled the ground. The children also learned to wave a spade and scatter flower seeds like adults.The effort that passes one morning, the open space of nearly 500 square metre on the square, planted the flowers and plants of all sorts of varieties, “flower sea” rudiment appears at the beginning.”The flowers chosen this time are small wildflowers that have a long life and are easy to maintain.After the success of the flower Sea trial, we will spread this method to other vacant lots in the community to create a beautiful community for everyone.”Huilongguan street Jinbang Garden community party general branch secretary, neighborhood committee director Sun Guoping said.Safe community, from the beginning of the renovation of the corridor, many residential buildings in the Jinbang Garden community have the phenomenon of disorderly piling, building 10 is the corridor pile complaint “disaster area”.In order to eliminate potential safety hazards and create a clean, tidy and safe living environment for residents, Jinfangyuan Community joint property management has carried out a special cleaning and remediation action for building 10.Before the event began, staff posted deadline cleaning notices in the corridor and went door to door to communicate with residents, asking them to put away the items that need to be kept.After the deadline to clean up, the community two committees, sinking cadres, property staff, security and volunteers work together, will be in the corridor, the building door piled up waste furniture, wood, cardboard boxes and other sundries to clean up one by one.Under everyone’s hard work, the corridor of building 10 from the original messy, to now clean, take on a new look.It is easy to treat but difficult to keep the pile in the corridor.Sun Guoping said that Jinbangyuan community will continue to increase publicity and remediation of debris piled in the corridor, and constantly improve residents’ awareness of caring for the public environment, and jointly create a safe and clean living environment with residents.”There are too many sundries in our community. Can we clean them up as soon as possible?”Quite a few residents complain about the clutter lying around the neighborhood.Jinbang Garden community for 4 consecutive days to carry out community environment cleaning and remediation activities, the community piled up debris to clean up.Community two committee staff, property and volunteers work together, shoulder to shoulder, some responsible for cleaning, some responsible for carrying.With everyone’s efforts, the community 1-28 building enclosure vegetables, the front and back of the building, carsheds, public areas of the heap heap material all clean up.It is reported that a total of 22 vehicles have been removed.The development of a civilized community depends on joint construction, joint governance and sharing.In recent years, with the in-depth development of community governance in Jinfangyuan, more and more residents voluntarily participate in community construction activities, and the community gradually presents a harmonious atmosphere of building a city with everyone participating.Photo and text by Song Yang Sultan