48-year-old Niu Li lifts weights in leggings!Slender legs show slender, and male coach joke out of double chin

2022-05-25 0 By

Niu Li posted a video of herself going to the gym on her social media platform recently. In the video, Niu Li looked professional in a tracksuit, but the 48-year-old girl still looked perfect in her tights.Niu Li’s coach helped Niu Li put on a waist guard, but it seemed to be too hard to let Niu Li expression out of control.Then, Niu Li went to the weights ready to start the exercise, she did several consecutive squatting with the help of the coach, but from niu Li’s expression, these actions are not easy for her, she is to insist on a set of actions successfully completed, but from the quality of completion, or very standard.After the completion of weight training, others asked whether to do a group of Niu Li niu Repeatedly waved a negative, bitter smile also let Niu Li revealed a double chin, it looks like just really tired not light.But her coach as if the excitement is not too big general ready to pull niu Li for another round of training, two people in the gym slapping up, the scene is very cheerful.Niu Li is less active in the screen now, but she has brought us many wonderful works in the past.In the TV series, Niu’s acting skills and beauty have left a deep impression on many viewers.Niu’s performance as the hedonistic and amorous Pan Qiaoyun in Water Margin is breathtaking.But we are most familiar with the sketch must be Played by Niu Li, it is worth mentioning that Niu Li on a total of 8 Spring Festival Gala, this frequency is very high.”Foot treatment”, “A man”, “follow the daughter-in-law when nanny” and so on sketch, Niu Li and Huang Hong, Guo Donglin, Feng Gong such a well-known actor cooperation, niu Li’s strength and popularity can be seen at that time.Now Niu Li, occasionally play golf, with three or two friends to dance, will live a colorful life, she also immersed in them, very enjoy.Such a simple and happy life, I think many people will envy.Many famous actors and singers, when they want to rest, they will enjoy life, you might say that they earn enough money to do so.Our lives today are a reflection of yesterday’s efforts.Ask the present enjoyment is not their first half of the struggle for it?