Liu Hui, winner of “The Model around me” and “National Donation Award for Blood Donation” : Helping others to make themselves happy

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“Helping others is a happy thing, and life will become more meaningful. I will continue to donate if conditions allow…”On January 24, Liu Hui, who just walked out of the blood donation house in Gaoping district, told reporters that in recent years, he has donated blood and platelets more than 100 times and donated a total of more than 40,000 ml.In this way, he hopes to deliver positive social energy.Liu Hui is a real farmer in Changle Town, Gaoping District. He has won the national Gold Award for blood donation in 2014-2015, and has also won almost all provincial and municipal awards for blood donation.It was not until the beginning of this year that liu Hui was discovered by the unit leaders that he had kept this “secret” for 11 years.”I donated blood for the first time on May 1, 2011.”Liu hui recalled that his factory was on holiday that day and he was walking around the city when a blood donation car caught his attention. Liu Hui boarded the car out of curiosity.”A mother and son donated blood to mark their son’s birthday, and that moment moved me deeply.”Liu Hui rolled up his sleeves and donated 400 milliliters of blood without hesitation.Since then, Liu Hui has had the idea of participating in voluntary blood donation for a long time.In 2013, Liu Hui began to donate platelets as well as donating blood without compensation.He told reporters that when the blood station staff stuck a needle in the inside of his right elbow, the blood was then pumped into a collection machine to separate platelets and other blood, and the rest of the blood was transfused back into the body from the machine. Watching the blood collection and blood return continuously, he was happy to help others.”Donating blood is not as scary as people think.Rational blood donation has no negative effects on the body and can promote blood circulation and regeneration.I’ve been donating blood for years and I haven’t felt any physical effects.”Liu hui said that after donating blood and platelets, his body felt more comfortable and his usual spirit was much better.According to the Red Cross staff in Gaoping District, Liu hui’s blood donation amounts to the blood of more than 10 adults, and could save the lives of nearly 20 patients in an emergency.Over the years, Liu Hui has also actively joined social welfare organizations and often went to communities, enterprises and schools to publicize the knowledge of voluntary blood donation. Whenever he met citizens who had misunderstandings about blood donation, he would use his own personal experience to show his opinion.At the scene of blood donation activities, he can always be seen wearing a red vest busy figure.Inspired by Liu hui, his wife and children joined the team.”Donating platelets and blood to help others is a very meaningful thing.I will continue to donate as long as I can.”Liu said.Gaoping Rong Media Center reporter: I’m Yang Bo