Will women who start paying their own social Security in 2022 lose out?If you’re undecided, check it out

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Preface As we all know, China’s legal retirement age has always been divided according to gender, with women usually retiring five years earlier than men.Generally speaking, the retirement age is 60 for men and 50 and 55 for women.But now there’s a myth that how long women actually retire is also related to how they contribute to social security.For this, the expert makes the answer.In fact, when it comes to social security participation, women have a distinct advantage because they can retire at least five years earlier than men, and if they are women, they are more likely to retire 10 years earlier.According to relevant laws and regulations, the usual retirement age for female officials is 55.After all, the average female cadre is engaged in mental work, which is not particularly physically demanding compared with men, so it doesn’t matter much that a female worker retires five years later than one who is 50.As for why the retirement age for female workers is generally 50, it is because the state considers that women are still generally regarded as a disadvantaged group.But for the majority of female flexible employment personnel, whether they retire at the age of 50 or 55, or depending on the company they are in and other factors, generally speaking, there is still no definite conclusion.Therefore, we can find that the retirement time of different female groups around us is also different. Some of them retire at the age of 50, and some retire at the age of 55.In fact, for the definition between the two, laws and regulations are not clear.It’s also hard to know at what age you should retire.So the question is, in 2022, will a woman who pays her own social security be able to retire at age 50?So let’s take a look at the first one, the 55 year olds.This is particularly true for flexible workers, as the vast majority of women in flexible employment, unsurprisingly, do not apply for retirement until they are 55.At present, most provinces and cities in China have implemented such policies for female flexible employment personnel.The second is being able to retire at 50.This part of female workers are usually employees of enterprises, especially those working in state-owned enterprises.As mentioned above, women workers typically retire five years earlier than women cadres.Therefore, in this case, they can smoothly retire from the post at the age of 50, from now on to begin their leisure and comfortable retirement life.The third, although also at the age of 50, belongs to a special case.In fact, the legal retirement age for the vast majority of female workers is 55, except for female enterprise workers.But, individual provinces and cities of our country also can treat female flexible obtain employment personnel as female worker.So in this case, their retirement age is 50.But in general, such a situation is relatively rare.As a matter of fact, there has been a great deal of debate about whether women should retire at 50 or 55.Many netizens believe that the relevant departments should set the retirement age for all women at 50.Because come so can bring into full play the participation that has broad female worker to protect enthusiasm.Not only from the overall data, the current flexible employment of the contribution of one-fifth of the total number of people, is not a small number.It is not easy for these people to pay social security for 15 years by their own efforts.Especially for the majority of women, they not only have to face the pressure from various aspects, but also want to have a stable job itself is very difficult.In addition, China’s social security system has been changing and improving.It is because such problems will be solved in the future.In a word, if you have the idea of paying social security, you must make corresponding plans and plans in advance.Whether you retire at 50 or 55, if you are hesitant, you may miss the best time to pay.In the end, it is highly likely that the minimum payment period of 15 years will not be met.If so, it would be a pity to miss out on social security, a welfare policy for us.Conclusion For the majority of women, starting from 2022 to pay their own social security, no matter what they are not losing.Moreover, from the current situation, the social security system is also in continuous development, and I also believe that the social security system will continue to improve, so as to provide us with more interests protection.Today’s topic: Will women who start paying social Security by themselves in 2022 suffer?If you’re undecided, check it out