Into the Beijing Winter Olympic Games technical officials pre-competition work

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Li Yuan (left) and Li Wenjun (right), cross-country skiers from Yunnan province, stand on the track of the cross-country skiing event in Zhangjiakou At 8:30 every morning.As domestic technical officers, they also have another name, “test slider.”Skaters are the first to set foot on the winter Olympics track before the games begin, and after a week of work, they are impressed with their new status.This time, a total of 7 snow and ice athletes from Yunnan were selected as domestic technical officials, and 5 alpine skiers zhang Jinyi, Zhu Yan ‘an, Pan Yu, Guo Qing and Fu Xuechao served as technical officials of the ski jumping venue in Zhangjiakou.And cross-country skiers Li Wenjun, Li Yuan points in cross-country skiing.After arriving in Zhangjiakou on January 20, they immediately started to test the track.The lowest temperature in Zhangjiakou in the past two days was about minus 14 degrees Celsius. The low temperature combined with getting up early made it even more difficult for ordinary people.But for these professional athletes, it all came together.”It’s been a hard week. I didn’t expect so many people to do so much preparation before the competition.After getting involved in the service, I realized that behind-the-scenes work is also very complicated and important.”Pan Yu, a 19-year-old from Kunming, gained a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of snow and ice sports after a week of trial skating.Every day, the test skiers of the ski jump will form a zigzagging line and trample the floating snow on the track with their skis sideways. “We invented the method of stepping on the snow by breaking and jumping. Although it was hard, we cooperated happily, and the work every day was full and interesting.Pan Yu said.”We have about 26 people who try out for cross-country skiing. Every day, they try out on the track of cross-country skiing, and they ski about 20 or 30 kilometers a day.The biggest difference from being an athlete is that I no longer think about technical movements, but carefully observe the slope, curves and smoothness on the track and put forward suggestions for improvement.”Lee said.During the week, the technical officials made a lot of valuable improvements to the track. “The happiest thing is that the track has been improved very quickly with our suggestions, and it is a great sense of achievement to see the track getting better and better.”Li Yuan is very happy on the phone.Next, these domestic technical officials will make final checks on the track to ensure it is in perfect condition when the race starts.”We are very much looking forward to the race to give the competitors a taste of our perfect track and our heart for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Li Yuan sighed.Yunnan net reporter Lou Ying photography report