Ancestral secret recipe (bittern donkey meat) really delicious like the collection as soon as possible

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Lu Lu donkey meat color ruddy, soft and tender mouth, fresh fragrance, full of nutrition.Donkey meat 500 grams, 10 grams of pepper, 10 grams of fennel, 150 grams of salt, spice bag 1 (amomum, cardamom, clove, ginger, angelica, cassia, cinnamon, sichuan ginger, etc., mixed, gauze bag tied tight)① Donkey silk cut into pieces, about 100 grams each, into the cold water soak 1 hour, out of the control dry blood.Wash the soup pot, add water and donkey meat, add sichuan pepper, fennel, 135 grams of salt, cook for 90 minutes with a medium fire, cook to seven mature, with a spoon to hit the oil, then take out the donkey meat to cool, brush the dirt above.(2) the small casserole on the set, the donkey, in turn, put away, put an iron meat surface operator, pressure above a round stone will cook meat broth, disinfection, with gauze filter scoop into small casserole, add 15 grams of salt and spice bag, small fire marinating 2 hours, eat when take it out for cooling section selects the donkey’s legs rib meat, tendon, such as production, effect is good.Click on the title below to see more recipe videos;Ancestral secret recipe spiced pig head meat penetrating bone adding fragrance bone and meat separation is really not…Do not believe in, look at the ancestral secret recipe 1 catty halide 1 catty cooked white halogen pig intestine, the key is not delicious stench not letter here you don’t understand the stock, marinating food formula again how is correct second-rater open a sauce halogen bath chap formulation and production process, make business turn a few customers wen xiang to thirty years halide dog meat braised food technology secret recipe publicly for the first time,Come in to collect delicious spiced rabbit head formula, don’t miss it, like it is better to come in to collect friends buy formula 8,800 yuan, like to do delicious food friends come in to collect old master secret recipe of spiced stewed duck palm, spiced chicken gizzard, you need to come in to collect quickly