Petrochemical literature collection volume nine sample magazine plus prose excerpts

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As soon as I heard that our green and low-carbon environmental protection team was going to interview the Liangnan Oil Production Management Area of Chunliang Oil Production Plant, I was so excited that I even said my heart was boiling.When I moved out of Chunliang oil Production plant in the winter of 2013, I thought I had cut off all contact with oil.Little did they know that oil, a viscous substance, had not only been integrated into my husband’s body to support his life, but also into the river of my life.If two drops of blood were drawn from my body, one would be blood and one would be oil.If two drops of blood are drawn from the cadres and workers in liangnan oil production management area of Chunliang oil production plant, one drop is blood and one drop is oil.But the oil is colorful, is colorful, is alive and soul, purer, more gorgeous, more moving.Just as the green enterprise construction promotion video of Chunliang Oil Production Plant says: “In people’s eyes, oil is black, which means chaos and dim, and it is visible wealth.In our eyes, oil is blue, meaning clear and pure, and is invisible to the possible.Every attempt we make is an effort to explore better possibilities.”Reduce coal burning, pollution reduction, clean recycling, recycling”.Achieve a win-win situation of green production and cost reduction and efficiency increase;In people’s eyes, oil is black, is a thick freehand brushwork, bold and unrestrained swing out of “rough lines, majestic power”.In our eyes, oil is green, is a delicate meticulous painting, carved out “a river of spring, green mountains on both sides”.Every time we innovate, we extend to realize our dreams.Do everything possible to “protect water resources, prevent and control water pollution, improve the water environment, only for the source of clean water.”In our eyes, oil is yellow, is infinite vitality, is from the root of the light, contains vitality, contains hope;In people’s eyes, oil is black, is buried rivers, silent loneliness, in our eyes, oil is red, is bright tooling, flowing blood, do not change the original mind.Our cause, from black, and finally colorful.These colorful colors can be seen, seen, touched, hugged, kissed, experienced and felt in every corner of liangnan oil production management area.About 3km east of Chunliang Oil Production plant, on the north side of 319 provincial Road, surrounded by villages and fields, a courtyard with red tiles and white walls is liangnan Oil production management Area.It is like a person who is still refreshed after the baptism of time, holding oil on one hand and green home on the other….