Positive energy live broadcast over 83,000 hours, tiger Tooth positive energy content matrix to deliver mainstream value

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The company’s 2021 CORPORATE Social Responsibility report was released recently, showing that huya conducted more than 6,300 positive live broadcasts in 2021, with a total length of more than 83,000 hours and participation of more than 9,600 anchors.Combining with the characteristics of its own platform, Huya company uses the innovative publicity form of “live broadcasting +” to create positive energy content matrix in many fields such as rebellion and fraud education, red live broadcasting into the campus and volunteer public welfare action, which has been well received by the society.The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, and the study of party history has been in full bloom in all sectors of society.Under the guidance of relevant government departments of Guangdong Province, Huya company undertook the activity of “Red Live Broadcast into Campus”, which visited 16 red scenic spots in 7 prefecture-level cities of Guangdong Province.In the popular way of live broadcasting, the activity integrates VR, virtual anchor, sandbox game online reproduction and other innovative technologies, as well as situational drama, song and dance drama, manual painting and other forms of content, making party history study amiable and accessible.At the same time, Huya also applied the innovation of “live answering” to the propaganda and education of party history. Under the guidance of the National Radio and Television Administration, huya launched three special live answering activities “celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party”.Statistics show that nearly 5 million users participated in the interaction.In addition, the company also joined hands with 100 anchors to study the history of the Party and write messages. The relay activity of “A spark picks up light 100” attracted more than 100,000 netizens to participate and collected more than 10,000 red messages.The “live broadcast + Red education” series activities not only attracted the in-depth participation of netizens, but also received high praise from the media and society.Anti-fraud publicity throughout the year “live + anti-fraud” build safety protection network in recent years, the high incidence of telecom network fraud crime, anti-fraud publicity upsurge across the country.Since the beginning of 2021, Huya will launch anti-fraud special action, at the same time, united with a number of provinces and cities of the public security departments, anti-fraud center, and mobilize a number of well-known anchors on the platform, in the form of “live + anti-fraud” innovative publicity to help anti-fraud science popularization.It is understood that tiger Tooth company has created the “guide to fraud” cartoon, “youth anti-fraud education” public class, “youth without fraud HU you peer” campus anti-fraud live, “anti-fraud morning tea” public welfare live, anti-fraud RAP “Say No”, “star move anti-fraud wire” public welfare live and other series of anti-fraud publicity activities.The innovative practice of linkage between police and enterprises and the new and fresh form of publicity not only make people’s eyes bright, but also make it easier for the “core” anti-fraud knowledge to enter the people’s minds, helping to improve the national awareness of prevention.It is worth mentioning that during the National Network Security Publicity Week in October 2021, Huya planned and launched a number of online and offline popular science activities to promote network security publicity.For example, during the opening ceremony of Guangdong Network Security Publicity Week and the live broadcast of the Summit Forum in 2021, huya’s total exposure of nearly 3 hours of live broadcast reached 2 million people, making it one of the most popular activities during the network Security Week.In 2021, Tigress Volunteer Union was upgraded and officially unveiled. Since its establishment in 2017, Tigress volunteers have played an important role in maintaining a clean network and guiding positive values.With the accelerated penetration of the Internet into all areas of society, especially the multiple innovation of “Live streaming +”, the value of Tigress Volunteer Alliance in the practice and innovation of CORPORATE social responsibility has become prominent. Volunteers continue to deliver good power through participating in public welfare activities and positive energy live streaming.For example, on the 2021 International Volunteer Day, Huya volunteers launched a charity relay in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Shenyang and other cities across the country to help the elderly solve the problems of using smart technology and enjoy a smart life through the combination of online and offline.According to statistics, by June 2021, the registered volunteers of Tigress Volunteer Union have exceeded 100,000 people, covering the whole country.”With the vision of” protecting the network home and transferring it to a force for good “, Huya volunteers will continue to help platform innovation practice social responsibility.Throughout 2021, Huya actively practiced corporate social responsibility, and successively carried out a number of public welfare activities, including “live broadcast + Law popularization”, “live Broadcast + environmental protection”, “live Broadcast + helping the disabled”, and “Live Broadcast + anti-epidemic”, which achieved good social response.For example, on World Intellectual Property Day, Huya, together with the Intellectual Property Development Research Center of the State Intellectual Property Administration, launched a live broadcast of “Protecting Creativity with INTELLECTUAL Property”, which was watched by nearly 8 million people.In terms of environmental protection, Tiger Tooth company joined the Global Internet Enterprise Alliance to combat online illegal trade of wild animals and plants, and launched themed activities such as “Protecting the King of The Forest together” and “Live Technology + Intangible Cultural Heritage” on World Tiger Day.During the live broadcast, Huya hosted the “Southern Guangdong Hear Flowers With One Heart” concert, which paid tribute to the anti-epidemic pioneers and caring people in the form of public service song request, classic reading and song playing, attracting more than 5 million viewers.In addition, Huya has always attached great importance to public welfare assistance for the disabled. For example, by carrying out training for disabled anchors and organizing the first National e-sports Tournament of “Dream Launch” (2021), huya helps people with disabilities to broaden employment and entrepreneurship channels and realize their dreams of anchors.”In 2022, adhering to the belief of delivering positive energy, we will continue to carry out multi-field and diversified innovative projects, continue to create a sunshine content matrix, spread positive energy of public welfare, and jointly build a clean cyberspace and a beautiful spiritual home of the Internet.”Huya company corporate social responsibility center related responsible person said.Read: Sun Shijian