Wuhan to establish more than a thousand enterprises “specialized, special and new” backup database

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Changjiang Daily Wuhan client on March 30 (Reporter Li Jia He Liang correspondent Wu Jingxuan) On March 29, Changjiang Daily reporters learned from the online wuhan “specialized special new” national small giant declaration mobilization meeting, wuhan has established more than a thousand enterprises “specialized special new” backup database,And will screen out a batch of sprint national specialty special new small giant enterprise “seed player”.This year’s national two sessions, “specialized specialized special new” written for the first time in the government work report: “focus on cultivating ‘specialized specialized special new’ enterprises, in the capital, talent, incubation platform construction and other aspects to give strong support.Reflected the country to “specialized specialized special new” enterprise’s attention.According to the definition of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, “specialized and special new” is specialized, fine, characteristic, novel.By focusing on their main business and strengthening innovation, some enterprises have developed “unique skills” in specialized fields, created “blockbuster products”, had a certain say in the industrial chain, and grown into “specialized, innovative” and “little giant” enterprises.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has decided to foster more than 3,000 national-level “little giant” enterprises this year, and drive the cultivation of more than 50,000 provincial-level “specialized and special new” smes.Hubei province specialized special new “little Giant” enterprise minimally invasive photoelectric, production staff is assembling or testing the company’s products.”After joining the national team, there will be more special support policies to help enterprises become bigger, stronger and better, which is more conducive to promoting the development of enterprises and accelerating the upgrading of the industrial chain.”According to the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, last year, the Wuhan municipal government issued an action plan to promote the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises, which was the first such action plan in the name of the municipal government in China.The plan proposes that by 2023, there will be more than 1200 specialized and special new enterprises at the municipal level, 500 specialized and special new “little giant” enterprises at the provincial level, and 260 national specialized and special new “little giant” enterprises.Yin Xiaomeng, director of the Special New Department of the Development and Promotion Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, who was invited to participate in the declaration and implementation of Wuhan, introduced that the analysis of the selected enterprises showed the characteristics of “56789” :Over 50% have invested more than 10 million yuan in R&D, over 60% belong to the “four basic” fields of industry (core basic parts, components and key basic materials, advanced basic technology and industrial technology foundation), over 70% have been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 10 years, over 80% rank first in the market segmentation of the province, and over 90% are concentrated in the manufacturing field.It has the characteristics of high-tech accessories, large supporting facilities for small enterprises, small industries into big undertakings, etc., and plays an important role in the modernization of industrial chain and advanced industrial base.”Small and medium-sized enterprises in Wuhan still need to further strengthen the establishment of R&D institutions and increase investment in R&D.”According to the municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, wuhan’s reserve enterprises are mainly in manufacturing and producer services, and their innovation ability still needs to be improved.According to introducing, current wuhan is vigorously implement the “specialization, the new” “a library a test case”, establishing “specialization, the new” enterprise training library, through professional specialization, the new detection information tools to find gaps and short board, according to the enterprise industry characteristics, life cycle, formulate corresponding precision cultivation scheme, etc., at present, to cultivate the library enterprise has reached 1067,This year has selected a group of small giant enterprises “seed players”, is stepping up to elongate advantages, make up for shortcomings.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com