UZI is back!Blg1-2 loss to IG exposes a fatal problem but future!

2022-05-29 0 By

Recently, UZI came back to play against IG in a highly anticipated match.But surprisingly, BLG lost 2-1 to IG, a result that many viewers found a little hard to swallow.In fact, what the audience wanted most was UZI’s performance to turn the tide, but in this match, although UZI played well, he didn’t have the ability to carry, which also made the audience express a little pity.The fact that UZI is back means that his condition has been adjusted, at least to the level of eligibility.In fact, After UZI’s comeback, it was quite difficult. Due to the large number of black fans, he was often played in the normal Rank, and some people even played UZI for several games. The purpose of course was not to hope that UZI could find his touch in rank.It was the behavior of these people that affected UZI’s mentality and even failed to find his touch for a long time.UZI also sent a good competitive signal this time around.After UZI came back, a lot of people thought he might not be able to play.The first reason is because UZI hasn’t played in a long time, the game is much more high pressure and technically demanding than before, and it’s hard for ADC to survive the game, let alone UZI who has been out of the game for two years.After his comeback, UZI did not play officially for a long time, which also made the audience think that UZI may be just a mascot, difficult to reach the level of playing.But now UZI is playing and playing at a good level, which means UZI will probably continue to play as the core of the team, which is also good news for BLG.It should be noted that although Doggo has good strength, it is difficult to play the role of an output core, and he is always lacking in the taste of a key Mr. In matches.Uzi’s return means BLG has made up for the key man, which will have a big impact on BLG’s future games.Overall, the current blG1-2 loss to IG exposes the problem that UZI can’t hold up a team system at this stage, or even take on a carry position.Of course, this is an inevitable result. After all, UZI has just come back, and it is only his first official match after his comeback. For UZI, it is the most important thing to find competitive feeling and regain confidence in competition.The BLG didn’t put Uzi on the field to win the game immediately, but to let Uzi find his feelings first and then make better adjustments to get the team back on track as soon as possible.Although UZI can’t help BLG win now, the BLG with UZI as the core let many people see the shadow of RNG in S8.It is possible that the traditional Sibao will come back once UZI recovers and the version is right.Uzi at his peak can carry the team against the version even when the version doesn’t work.It’s hard for UZI to get back to top form, but as long as he can find his game, UZI won’t disappoint his teammates and fans.So can UZI regain his confidence and lead BLG to better results?Let’s wait and see!Do you think UZI has a chance to lead BLG to success?Welcome to leave a comment in the comments section