It takes only 70 seconds to clear 1,800 square meters of ground, and the “snow children” in the ice rink are also a sight

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On the ice hockey arena of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, in addition to the fierce competition among athletes, a group of young men in red can be seen busy in the arena during each game, which is the “snow children” team for snow clearing.They are required to clear the 1,800-square-meter arena for 70 seconds during a hockey stopper to ensure smooth play.In ice hockey games, players will scrape up a lot of ice chips at high speed, which affects the skating speed and track of the puck, so it needs to be cleaned up in time.This is relying on the courtside wearing red “snow children”, although they are actually cleaning ice, but looks more like snow, so the team members are called “snow children”.How do you quickly clean up the ice?On February 11, the reporter visited the national stadium, the Czech republic against Switzerland in combat, matches, the snow child team quickly enter the arena, a snow shovel in v-shape slide quickly from ground at one end to another end, push the ice center area to area on both sides, then grouped turn-back remove residual, the rest of the “snow child”, will be crushed ice shovel into the plastic bucket,The whole team immediately left, and the cleaning process was neat.The whole process takes about 70 seconds.Arena in the area of about 1800 square meters, to ensure that the surface is clean, also have to ensure that leave on time at the same time, puts forward high demands on the snow child, besides can quickly glide, slide should also have strong skills, to ensure that in the use of the tools such as shovel, keep a certain formation, at the same time more efficient division of labor, the national stadium, the snow child team a total of 24 people,They were divided into two groups. Eight of the 12 people in each group were ice sweepers and four were ice collectors and transporters.It is reported that the “snow kids” in the National Stadium are almost all “post-00s”, including youth hockey team members and college students. They feel precious and wonderful to serve in the Winter Olympics and run on the Olympic ice rink.Source: Dahe Daily · Yu Video editor: Qu Ke