Wu Guoying: Sketches of the Jinshanling Great Wall

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Wu Guoying stayed at the Jinshanling Great Wall for 6 days and drew 6 pictures. His skin was sunburned, but his mind was calm.Early in the year before, when the “cynical youth” of iron poles believed in and doubted everything, they had praised and disparaged the Great Wall for a while, thinking that it was a huge ideological shackle hanging over the head of the Chinese nation, and that the Great Wall could not play much military defense role.And today on the Great Wall, but can not help but admire the great of our ancestors, in the era of cold weapons, by the spear iron riding is really difficult to attack down.Painting in the field is not an easy thing, painting in jinshanling Great Wall painting, but also have to add a “risk” word.Take flowers floor instance, climb from the ground to the long wall floor on the child, already is at the top of the hill, ding meng not looked up, flowers floor is like a flat peak, 70 – degree Angle, the 103 stone steps, I usually don’t afraid to climb up this far, are a little “GanErChan”, the physical strength is also a test, anyway, I have to stop to rest for a while, restores the physical strength.On top of the platform, a look up, good fellow, there is another wall building about the same height in front of the horizontal, in order to find a better Angle, choose a better composition, there is nothing to say, continue to climb!All photographers love to shoot sunsets, the colors, the light, the atmosphere.The painter felt the same, and I lingered waiting for the golden glow that spread all over the hills before sunset, and especially over the old creeping and rolling walls of the Wall that seemed like a dragon on the mountains, what a magnificent sight!The author of this article is Contemporary Surrealist painter Wu Guoying (September 21, 2014, Beijing Art Fair, from left: Wu Guoying, Zhao Meiyang)