23 people were rushed to hospital in 5 days, 1 person died!Recent high incidence, urgent remind!

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Recently, the cold air is very unfriendly. This Spring Festival brings guangdong people a big feast of “rain and wind”. It is not only raining, but also cold.Do the wrong thing sometimes the consequence is very serious for example in confined space gas heater and gas water heater improper use leads to carbon monoxide poisoning just a few days shaoguan a hospital has received 23 patients with carbon monoxide poisoning exactly what happened?Left left left neighborhood (3) yesterday evening ms zhou is going to take a shower in the bathroom to a few minutes they passed out after she found her family rushed to the hospital so she is carbon monoxide poisoning said Ms. Zhou home water heater is the kind of need to open the gas when using connection gas canisters at a time when you don’t have to open the ventilation equipment did not shut down the gas doctors say them during the Chinese New YearFrom New Year’s Eve to today, four children were treated with carbon monoxide poisoning, one of whom died, 19 adults, 23 in total. “On New Year’s Eve, 12 patients with gas poisoning were treated, one of whom had no heartbeat when he was sent to the hospital.The doctor introduced that most of the patients with carbon monoxide poisoning are caused by improper use of the straight row water heater, among which there are more young people living in rented houses. “The water heater is installed in the bathroom, usually (the weather is not cold) will open the window for ventilation, but now the window is closed when it is cold in winter.Some people even wash clothes in it after taking a shower and end up passing out in the toilet.”What is “gas poisoning”?These knowledge points, everyone to know that this time must want to avoid the gas poisoning in mind / 1 / don’t put the Windows and doors shut when bathing, maintain indoor ventilation / 2 / bath time not too long / 3 / using gas water heater should pay attention to “strong platoon type” of water heater of choose and buy at the same time jabbed line to connect to the outdoor video to see more ▼ now!In the winter!It’s a high incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning!Neighbors must pay more attention to the need to be vigilant against gas poisoning in life, especially the elderly and young people living alone should pay more attention to it