Three key words decoding star map financial business development road

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Financial business Layout It is often said that direction is more important than effort.For Starmap financial, choosing the right path is more important.As one of the representatives of domestic fintech unicorns, Starmap Finance focuses on “5+1” core business of supply chain finance, wechat business finance, consumer finance, wealth management, digital payment and fintech output.Talking about why we always insist on such a business development road, the relevant person in charge of Star Map Finance used “scene”, “technology” and “universal benefit” three “key words” to decode.No scene, no finance.As one of the pioneer representatives of scene finance, Star Map Finance has been deepening into the whole scene of users’ production and life in recent years.Around the “scene”, The “5+1” core business of Star Map Finance creates an “end-to-end” scene service closed loop.For example, in the online and offline consumption scene, The consumer finance and digital payment business of Starmap Finance continue to deepen the activity of “24 interest-free plus, plus, plus and minus”, and cooperate with many mainstream banks in China, such as The Establishment of China’s Industrial and agricultural Relations, China Merchants, Everbright, Pudong Development and so on to “make a big deal” to promote quality consumption and quality life.For example, in the travel scene, the digital payment business of Star Map Finance has realized the full coverage of bus, subway, railway, high-speed, taxi, aviation and other fields.Especially in high-frequency and demanding travel scenarios such as buses and subways, Starmap Finance launched promotional activities as low as 1 cent or even free ride on buses and subways in many places in the Yangtze River Delta, making every effort to contribute to low-carbon and green travel.Key words two: science and technology workers to do a good job, must first sharpen their tools.In Xingtu Finance, the leader of science and technology is the vanguard, the weapon, potential energy and driving force of development.Without deep technology empowerment, it is impossible to support a diversified business layout.Since its establishment, Starmap Finance has focused on using digital payment technology, consumer fintech, wechat business fintech, supply chain fintech, and asset management technology to drive the platform-based operation of core business.Relying on the advantages of digital technology, from the inside to the outside of the ecosystem, Star Map Finance has made every effort to connect online and offline resources through a series of Internet methods, linking low-frequency financial services with high-frequency production and life scenes, and creating a huge mobile payment network and a diversified financial consumption service circle.In this process, Starmap Financial expanded its service breadth, consolidated its core business advantages and scene penetration, and naturally won the favor of more users.Key words three: Inclusive technology makes finance easier.The purpose of all this is to implement financial inclusion.This is the original aspiration, vision, mission and responsibility of Starmap Finance.In starmap’s view, inclusive financial services cannot be achieved without fintech.The word “universal” of inclusive finance corresponds to a large number of users. Without the help of science and technology, it is impossible to serve such a large number of customers with low cost and high efficiency.The word “hui” of inclusive finance aims to benefit users and reduce product prices and service fees. This requires financial institutions to reduce customer acquisition costs, operating costs, risk costs, capital costs and other costs. It is also dependent on the cost-reduction and efficiency effect of fintech.Starmap Finance is positioned as a “fintech company with integrated development of all scenarios” and adheres to the operation logic and development mode of “fintech + scene finance = inclusive finance”.With years of experience in scenes and technologies, Starmap Finance has the ability and confidence to use digital technology to overcome various obstacles in inclusive financial services.Financial scenarios based on science and technology, map itself, such as the “lens” intelligent risk control platform, platform “two meter” AI algorithms, such as “house” middle data of a series of high-tech products, it can make the map, chartered financial services, intelligent online more than 300000, more than 95 million corporate customers, provide “general” and “hui” of financial services,We will ensure that the flow of financial resources can be used to precisely pump water into the real economy.This article is from financial Information